Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Missions Trip: Day #1

This past week we had a group of young people come down from California for a missions trip. It was the most amazing and funniest missions trip ever! From praying people through in the altars to doing the Hokey-Pokey at 4am to puppet shows and choir to guzzling Monster energy drinks--we were having fun at in every moment.
The group got in on Wednesday morning and we all went over to meet them. Some people were tired and just wanted to crash in their hotel rooms. But some of us were ready to get the party started!! First thing on the list was go get a bite to eat.....where else would we go? Tacos Los Angeles, of course!

Karoline, Nicole and Miss Meg

Brittany, Beth, and Sofia

The men

Nicole showed everyone where to get the most amazing Nutella/Ferrero Rocher ice cream!
... haha Beth looks disgusted (she thinks Nutella is gross).

Sofia and Britt

The cathedral

Karoline praying with her balloon

Britt and Karoline were CRAZY.

Britt getting a blessing :))

Holy water!
We got a good laugh when Nicole told some of the group that this was where the priests take their baths and they believed her... LOL

Noah planking... or something haha.
Brittany almost got ran over because she was laughing so uncontrollably. We stopped to get a drink and the server gave her soda to her in a bag. This is very normal here, but Brittany completely lost it. It was really funny. 

The girls in the elevator

We got a kick out of hiding and posing behind this guy in the zocalo.
He gives out fortunes for a donation, and usually the people crowded around him were so serious...
We definitely changed their expressions when we popped our from behind this guy! They had to laugh and smile.

Walking in the Zocalo

Later on in the evening, Nicole and I had to run back home because we had things to do. We had the worst hailstorm I've seen in a long time!

The piles of hail almost look like snow! :D

And of course, it started right when the guys were putting up the new church sign!

Meanwhile, inside, Bethany and I made a puppet theater!

For a last minute project that lasted 2 hours, we were quite pleased with the results!
 Stay tuned for days 2 thru 5!

Beth and Nicole

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