Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alert: Wakefields in the U.S.

Hi everyone! Its Nicole here. I know it has been forever since we have blogged. and I'm sure some of you are out there that can hardly cope not having your weekly dose of Wakefield! :)) We have been really busy, and the blog has taken a back seat to all of our other responsibilities.
I'm actually in the states with my parents and Austin. Beth is back home holding down the fort! Send her some love-- she's handling everything on her own! We'll be sure to bring her back some prizes. :))
We came up here last week to take care of some paperwork on the border. At first we thought that the whole process would take about 4 days... But then, much to our surprise and dismay, we found out that it would actually take around 2-3 weeks. So here we are traveling around the South. We have spent most of our time in Texas, but spent the last 3 days in Louisiana. Call us up if you're in that area and maybe we'll come visit with ya'll! (Or could set up a book signing type meeting... minus the book... LOL)
I don't imagine that I will blog much while in the U.S., because I'm having to work with hotel computers, and the internet can be horribly slow sometimes!!!

We've been here for 12 days and it already feels like forever. We miss home, that's for sure. Here are some pictures of our time here so far.

This is what the drive to the border looks like...
Lots of dry looking land.

Cactus-y trees

This might be a confusing picture, but its the little plastic window that shows the toilet paper roll. There's no greater sight than toilet paper in the bathrooms on border trips. :)) It brings such joy.

Crossing the border! This is where most of the jokes on the trip happen. After 15+ hours on the road, everything gets a little funnier than normal.
We had a safe trip up to the border with no hitches, no break downs, and no scary encounters.
Thank you, Jesus.

We broke the rules and did not go straight to Cracker Barrel as soon as we crossed over :))
Austin and I -- worn out!
Olive Garden was our first American meal. And my goodness, it was wonderful! (Except for the water... Border tap water is gross.) Raise your hand if you love Olive Garden's salad! I raised mine! LOL

 The next day, we met up with the Rodriguez family!

Dorisa and I. My border friend :)

While with them, we found out that the Voans (missionaries in Uriangato) were in town! It's such a small world. We couldn't miss the opportunity to see them, so we ran over to the bus station to say hi!

Sis. Georgetta Voan. This woman is a southern ball o' fire! We love her! :))
And look what she was traveling in!! ... I don't dress that cute when I travel... Haha.

Dorisa and I
From McAllen, we went to Edna to be with the Clarks, then headed to Corpus Christi.
A long time ago a friend of ours jokingly called it Corpus Crispy, and after many years of having this joke, I actually struggle calling it Corpus Christi. I've already embarrassed myself a couple times saying Crispy... It's a tongue twister. Haha!

The water so clear and beautiful!

This is where we have been for the majority of the time. In the car. Driving. We have driven over 2200 miles in the past 12 days. Dats a lot.

Last Sunday we were with the Coons in Kerrville, TX.
I have never been in a church quite like this one... The church is FULL of young couples and kids!! They must have had around 40 kids under the age of 10 that night... It was beautiful to see all of the young families.

This whole mob is trying to get a look at the pens that we make in Mexico with the school and church boys! If you want to buy a pen, let us know! Its super easy to mail things while we are in the U.S.
If any one really does want a pen, I could post up pictures of the pens available! Just let me know in the comments.

I'm going to leave it here for tonight! There's more, but I'm exhausted! We have gone to several churches, and have done quite a bit of shopping, picking up things that we can't get in Mexico. You guys are spoiled!!! That came to me like a revelation when I walked into Target... Target almost deserves a dedicated post. That place is amazing! (But overpriced! Can I get an amen?!)

Okay "ya'll". (I have to talk southern since I'm in Texas)
I'm out!

God bless you all!


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