Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! It's Great to Be Home!

Did I nail it, or did I nail it??! Said we were going to the U.S. and we probably wouldn't get a chance to blog, and looky here! I made good on that promise! Hahahah :))

To break up this informative post and make it more interesting for our ADHD readers, I have included a few random pictures from our time in the U.S.
You are welcome.
Austin had a huge bag of Cheetos he was eating out of. Unfortunately, his car door was open and it was a windy day. The cheetos blew all over the parking lot and into Austin's lap. His response was a very pained, "Why did this have to happen to MEEE?!!" 
We had an awesome time in the States, I'm sure each of us to varying degrees. If anyone else wants to get on here and tell about their good time, they can! But as for me and myself...I (Bethany) had 100% of a wonderful time.
Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I want to thank God for protecting us this past month. We travelled 9,000 miles in the car and a couple thousand in airplane. We did not even have one flat tire the entire time! (And no plane crashes, lol). We had a couple scary experience on the borders of Mexico, but we made it out alive :) Thank you, Jesus!
This is where Nicole and I rode for the majority of our driving days. In the backseat! 
We should be getting back to regular blogging. I think we need to try some new food. It's been a while since we've ate something scary-looking. This morning I walked down the street to our butcher and bought freshly killed chicken for dinner today. Then I went to the vegetable store and bought stuff to make red and green salsa. We are all ready for some delicious and authentic Mexican food. And how perfectly providential that I am making it! :) I can count on one hand the home-cooked meals I ate while in the U.S. So I am definitely looking forward to today's meal!! (The point of all that was to say that I should blog about buying freshly killed chicken. That sounds a little gross, right? It's really not...and it tastes oh, so yummy).

These are some dogs we found at gas stations along the way in Mexico. 
They look so intelligent!! They would probably end up to be the dogs that can answer telephones and open refrigerators...if only someone would adopt them and give them a little love! Oh, how sad! :P 

I'm going to chase a couple rabbits here, but I might as well include how thankful I am to be back home. I love to travel, don't get me wrong. But living out of a suitcase can get old. And I've always been a fan of travel-sized things. I think they are adorable!!! But when I got home I realized how good it felt to hold a normal sized toothpaste and shampoo bottle in my hands. Quite refreshing!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We surely did!


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