Thursday, June 13, 2013


We had our last day of school last Friday. What a year!!!! It was a great first year. Relatively smooth, hardly any problems. Usually at the end of each quarter we have "la tienda" (store) where the boys can spend the school (fake) money that they have accumulating for memorizing verses, being well-behaved, etc. Since it was the end of the year and everyone had done so well, Pastor asked the kids if they would rather go to McDonald's on Saturday for a day of fun. So as to avoid peer-pressure, he did a vote. Each kid got a slip of paper and were to write Mc if they want to go to McDonalds and T if they wanted to do the school store. The vote came back unanimous for McDonalds! The boys were ecstatic.

Unfortunately, I had made previous plans for that Saturday so I did not get to go!! But here are a few pictures my dad took...

They love those Happy Meals!

And now...Thank God for summer vacation!!


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