Thursday, February 22, 2018

Week with Gma and Gpa

This post is about my grandparents. I've been collecting pictures and screenshots for a while! 

I spent a week with them. It is always a wonderful, relaxing time! While there, I visited my friend, Lucy. She goes to their church and we commiserate over bookkeeping whenever we are together and she teaches me new things having to do with that.

Can't do a Biore strip without documenting it - ha!

We walked to the lake one day. On our way there, I found a snail.

We started playing "Kick the Snail All the Way to the Lake".

It didn't make it too far before the shell shattered :D

Walking around the lake...

Of course Gramma made delicious dinners every night.

Our bat-moth friend came for a visit. EEEEK.

Now for the screenshots - 
Nicole sent me these a while ago and I put them away for safekeeping and such a time as this! 

First Nicole sent me this picture - Facetiming with Gramma...up close and personal!

Then Facetiming with Grampa!

Nicole then explained to me what happened - her texts are in white -
So basically Nicole's phone rang - an accidental call from Sis. Wakefield. But she doesn't know she's the one that made the call and tells Nicole how happy she is that Nicole called her. Lol! 
If any of you have WhatsApp, you know how easy it is to accidentally tap the call button up in the corner and call somebody!

Another one! 
Sis. Wakefield texted me this and the balloons - I was impressed!!!
Her texts are in gray, mine in blue. 
(She asked me how I was doing...)
"Pum" is Spanish for "Bam" or "Ta-da!"

Sis Wakefield also sent me this - She was listening to Odyssey and just KNEW it was Hadley....Hahahaha! This one thrilled my very soul! :) 

Today is Sis. Wakefield's birthday. I love her so very much!!!!


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