Saturday, May 28, 2011

Does Anyone Know...

Sometimes when I toss my iPhone on my bed, it starts playing music. Is this normal? Is my phone haunted? Possessed? 

Want to see another funny picture? Ok. 
Heh heh hehhhhh! Sneaky. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a Little Pride

Tonight before church, I was messing around on the piano and Austin came up. He grabbed a mic and started singing the song I was playing. This is very rare. Usually he only wants to make jokes and noises. :)
So we sang for a little while until I saw a family coming in. I went to stop playing when Austin leaned over and said, "No, keep going! I want to impress my friends." 


No, this doesn't really have anything to do with the above story, but it still makes me smile. 
 I also shmile (and do the giddy dance) when I think that in 10 days, Nicole and I will be in California. 
Ain't it great? Yes. Actually it is!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday--Things Are Happening

Sunday night we baptized a new couple that just recently were filled with the Holy Ghost. 
Last week, Eduardo got called into work so he was not able to make it to church until altar call. He felt so bad, he went up to El Pastor afterwards, crying and apologizing. He told him, "I tried to get here on time, I'm so sorry!!" He went up to the altar even though church was practically over and just cried and prayed for a long time. It was so precious!

His wife, Ana, also got baptized. 

Praying with the family

Mari and Me after church

The young people selling food and candy

 Daniela, always smiling!


Who You Whistlin' For? Woof.

Sunday night we were all hanging out in the living room. Beau was on the floor sprawled out on his back and I was petting him. There was a "car show" going on at the end of our street so there were a lot of guys hanging out. They were whistling so I said jokingly, "Hey go look out the window, I think those guys are calling for you." 
I guess Beau thought I was talking to him. :D

He's a cutie.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nicole's Graduation Party

Just kidding ;P This is really a post about a little girl's birthday party...

BUT I really did just finish with my online high school classes!!!




I'M DONE!!!!

I just felt like sharing that with you all ;)
Now for the real post haha...

Okay. So. Last night, me (Nicole),  Lolita, and a bunch of her family all packed into taxi and went off to Amalucan for a birthday party! Let's see-- I think it was the niece of Lolita's mom's sister? Umm... or maybe she was the daughter of Lolita's mom's niece... Haha :P
Well anyways, it was fun even with out knowing why or who we were celebrating. :)

Here we are, all 10 of us packed into a 5 seater taxi, headed out to Amalucan...

 One thing I learned (or RE-learned, I guess) is that Mexican families are SO BIG! Oh my word there had to be like oh goodness I don't want to exaggerate, but I think there had to have been more 100 people there. All related. Lolita kept introducing me to family member after family member, some of which she had not seen for a long time some even more than 5 years... Ay! Haha...

The little girl, Nadia Vanessa, turned 6... I asked Lolita, and she said that turning 6 is a big deal-- Then after that, the big party is the girl's quincenera. 
(What are the special birthdays for the boys?? Do those even exist?? Hahaha)
(Contrary to the popular opinion of those at our table at the party, I think that she is adorable. Meanie people. all I have to say to them is look in the mirror honey :)). Hahaaha.)
Here she is with Arturo:

This is Lolita with her cousin and his daughter. They hadn't seen each other for 5 years. This I do not understand, especially with them only living about half an hour away from each other??!! Yeah...

Oh my goodness... Next comes my favorite part :D
Oh and the theme of the party was Beauty and the Beast. 
Vanessa's dad came out dressed as the beast, wearing an ugly beast mask and they danced around for a while, and then her dad disappeared for a minute and came back as the prince and continued to dance around with her. It was so touching :))
I just know that I would have loved that if I was a little girl. :)

Boom! The transformation ;)

Lolita and Alejandra

The moon jumping house thingie for the kids...

Here's another family picture... Please don't ask how they are related, because I have no idea. Haha, I was so confused by like the fifty-eth introduction.

Lolita and Alejandra 'bout freaked out when they found out this girl was 4 months pregnant... What came next was very informative... I got a crash course on how to know if your baby is a girl or boy. Hahaha. I think the main points were that it's a boy if
1. You're really thirsty all the time.
2. You're carrying it high.
3. And in this girl's case it is definitely a boy, because if it was a girl, her other daughter would be whiny. And she's not. Therefore it is a boy. Haha... Perfect logic, huh?  

Okaaaay. So I am nowhere near wanting kids, so I'm not planning haha, but let me tell you something. If I am ever pregnant... You better not do to me what this poor girl had to endure from Alejandra. I will not put up with it... 
Can't you see that look? "Lady, get your hand off of my stomach. Don't make me pull out my mace..." Hahaa, well that's my version. 
Come on, being pregnant does not put a green light on your stomach for everyone to rub it...

Judah won a ball :)

Me and my dancing partner ;P

Ooh I liked this-
Marshmallows on a stick!  

Pinata time... 

This girl was dangerous. I was very glad to be far away from her violent swinging. Haha.

Here's the clown that they brought in-
As of lately, I'm actually starting to enjoy clowns, which is weird. I used to hate them... Maybe I'm turning Mexican. :))

I could not get this kid to put down his chicharrin for the picture :)

And lastly, Lolita and I :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Love That Place!

This morning Lolita and I went to the market.
It looks like a dog got a hold of this chicken. Or he had a bad night. 
"Hey, little chicken, did you know that one day, you would be heated in a crock pot?"

This is where we buy our beef.
I'm sure this sounds so weird, but I love this place. It's so much more interesting than just going into the grocery store and buying meat that is already in plastic. The stuff that we bought today had just been freshly killed. Yes, gross, but hey. It is what it is. We eat animals that just yesterday, they were mooing and running around the yard. 

On the counter was this huge chunk of meat.
Looks tasty, no?

Under its ribs...
Its little liver or something. 
Here is a bull that had just been brought in all skinned and was hung up.

Canned and dry goods "department"

Little fishy fishies. They don't look like very happy campers. 

We actually do buy this and eat it. I'll admit it looks disgusting, but it sure is tasty!

I have wanted to buy one of these pig heads for the longest time, but my mother refuses to let me. She wants to know what we would do with it. DUH! Hang it in the living room! It could be our prize mounted catch. And when it starts decomposing, we could just throw it away. No biggie, right?
(Maybe we could rent one for a couple hours on my birthday. I invite all of you!)
The people here chop up the pig head and put it in pozole (soup). 

One time, my dad and I sat down to eat some tacos. I wasn't that hungry, but I saw a stack of taquitos that looked appetizing. So I ordered one, but when I bit into it, it just tasted fishy. 
And the meat was green. 
I assumed they would be made of beef or chicken, but no. It was pig brain. 
*Gasp!* "You don't like cesos?? But it's a delicacy!!"
Well honey child, you can have it. Gag.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Really Happened

At church tonight:

If you have it say, "Amen!"

If you don't care say, "Amen!"

(It's a gun, in case you were wondering...)


Friday, May 13, 2011

Ranch, Vanilla, & KFC

A glimpse into a dining experience in the Wakefield household:

(Beth and I had been disputing the importance of  Heinz ketchup in relation to life.... or something equally important.)

Finally it culminated to this:


Bethany: "You want ranch on your head?!!"


Nicole: "I DARE you!!"


Beth likes dares.

Hmm... now for the explanation of the next picture you are about to see...
Okay so a while back Pastor Daddy and Sister Mother, along with Bro. and Sis. Assistant Pastors were having a counseling session with one of the saints. 
That left us kids to fend for ourselves for a while :D
Me, Beth, and Javier ended up going upstairs to hang out... Somehow we got into doing dares and other dumb things involving various foods in our refrigerator and pantry. It got funny :)

Here's an excerpt of a conversation that night:

Nicole (after perusing all of the items in our pantry): "Heyyyyy Javier!!! Have you ever tried vanilla??"

Javier: "Noo...."

Nicole: "It's really good!" (....did I really say that? Yeah... I did... hahaa)
"Here I'll pour a little in two cups and we'll drink it at the same time, okay?" <--- I had to do that (also drink it) because of the fact that Javier no longer trusts me after the one time, oh so long ago, that I spiked his drink with vinegar :D Unfortunately there is no picture of that :))
Javier with his little cup of vanilla extract.... and me... with my little cup of "vanilla extract" (water). ;P
Bottoms up!....

Nicole: "Mmm, it's sweet, huh?"

Javier: "Nooooo, no it's NOT sweet."

Okay last couple of pictures before I say good night.

That same night Beth and Javier got revenge...
I made myself a cup of tea, then realized I had to go get something from my room. I unwisely left my tea on the counter in the kitchen...
When I came back, I picked up my drink and happened to look inside my cup. It was kinda strange looking. Like foamy and white on top... which was strange because when I had left it it was a nice creamy brown... and non-foamy... I of course was suspicious. So I looked up at the both of them, and no surprise, they both had these guilty smirks on their faces. I asked them what in the world they had done to my drink, and since they were caught, they "fessed up". (Or so I thought) Bethany immediately "confessed" that she had just put a lot of sugar in my drink... Yeaaaaah riiiiiight...... As if I would fall for that......
Well I did. I figured, okay I caught them and they knew they were busted so they confessed. I also figured that it wouldn't hurt to try the "over-sweetened" tea. 
It sure was "over-something"! But not with sugar. 
Turns out they had dumped who knows how much salt into my tea... 
Very yummy let me tell you.

Oh market honey, how I love thee :)

Theeen.... Counseling session over... so we all headed to KFC for more fun!
Here is Beth.
Okay class, if you could all turn your eyes to Bethany's cup of soda...
See that bobbing blue thing?
That is the resultado of a game invented by some smart person at our table.
I think it would be called "try-to-toss-the-pepsi-cap-into-your-neighbors-cup-of-soda-without-them-noticing-and-by-doing-so-make-them-sick-with-the-thought-of-how-many-cups-has-this-cap-been-in-and-how-many-fingers-have-touched-it. Yeah well that's MY name for it... Lol.

 "Bethany: Through a Bottle"

Okay! That's all for now, so I'm off to bed! 

...Till next time....
(that means like in a month or 2 haha)


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