Saturday, April 30, 2011

Conference, Day Two

We had another fabulous service tonight!!
I am extremely tired and don't have too many words left in me, but here are a few pictures!

Bro. King taught a married people class :) 

Abner, the awesome drummer!

Worship service

Bro. King singing in Spanish!

Bro. May preaching

After church we had dinner at the house. We had a good time visiting!
Tomorrow is the last day of this conference. 

Again...I'm looking forward to tomorrow's services!

Austin the Altar-Worker (Conf. Day One!)

We had such AWESOME church last night!! 
I mean there really are no words to explain how glorious it was!
We had a FULL house...we had to open the back doors and put chairs out because we didn't all fit inside. 
Bro. Loa came and brought a big-O group from his church. We were so happy to have them! 

Worship service

Bro. Loa

Bro. King

Bro. May preaching

Arturo got the Holy Ghost last night and Austin prayed him through!!

 Austin says that he was praying and crying then looked over and saw Arturo. God told him that he was going to get the Holy Ghost. At the moment, he was thinking about "other stuff" but he started to pray for him anyways. He says "Mama's awful strict about not thinking about Tom Sawyer in church". (He's dictating this to me--ha!)
Austin says when he heard Arturo start to talk in tongues he wished that he would have been speaking in English. Haha!

I am so thankful for what God did in the service last night. It was just so good and refreshing. 
We all got renewed in the Holy Ghost and I cannot wait for tonight!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hi, You Guys!

Honey, I'm hooooooooooooome!!
Heh heh. 
The guys got in last night. ("The guys" being Elder Wakefield, Bro. May, and Bro. King). Bro King is preaching at El Grampa's church tonight and then Friday through Saturday the services will be on this side of town. 

Nicole and I took a bus from downtown to the house...You all wouldn't believe the weather down here right now! It's 71 degrees and so beautiful....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Ditzy Post, No. 3.14159

.......I shall call this post..... 
"The Ditzy Post, No. 3.14159"
(that's pie. LOL ;) I'm kidding. I know how it's spelled, okay? :))

Sooo, as you all know, (Well, I think you know. And if you you didn't before, then now you do haha) me and Bethany went across town to spend some time with my Gramma for a few days. Well, Beth is still over there and I'm here at home. (I had some other obligations that obligated me to return earlier ;P) 
But anyways- as I was walking out the door Beth was yelling after me "Don't forget to post when you get home!!!!!!!" 
And I yelled back "OKAY!!! Remember that one funny picture that I found on Gramma's computer? Well I emailed it to myself last night, so I'll post that!!"
That was yesterday. And today is today which means I did not post when I was supposed to post. HAHA :)
Oh... and it also turns out that I was confused. I did not actually email myself the funny picture. Though I did email some other pictures... Just not the one really funny one that I had found... SO that means no funny picture! Oh well, some other time I guess.
So Beth... Here I am. On my knees. Begging for your forgiveness. 
.....NOT! Lol :)

 Okay so I don't have the funny picture. But I found some pictures that are kind of like my funny picture.

I think they would be labeled under "accidents waiting to happen". :)

Ouch :))

See? You were gonna get to laugh, and think to yourself, "That is so crazy"!
But alas....

 I ended up with THIS:

(Betcha not many of you guys knew that I used to wear glasses! (it was a looong time ago) LOL)

Yeah I'm confused too... I mean it WAS like 12am when I was trying to email myself the other picture, but still... Ohh whatever :)) Quien sabe!

Pues, tootles everyone! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fiesta y Siesta

My inner Indian is marching out of its teepee, palm in the air. "HOW."

"Bethany, why haven't you blogged?" I have heard that quite a bit these past few days. And my answer? "I am not prepared to give a statement at this time." But apparently I ate my Wheaties today beacause here I am.

Nicole and I are at our Gramma's house spending a few days with her. "The Elder" went to Chetumal this weekend to preach a conference. Eight people got the Holy Ghost and fifty want to be baptized!
Praise God!

We've been listening to Anne of Green Gables and Old Time Radio all day. My Gramma fixed us an amazing lunch of sweet and sour chicken. I gave her a facial and a manicure...which reminds me of a story....

One time when I was younger, my uncle was at our house. He was stretched out on the living room floor and my cousin and I were messing with his hair and having a grand old time. Then he fell asleep...that's when the real fun began.
My cousin and I got it in our heads to paint all his fingers and toes with clear nail polish. The funny part is that he had a job interview the next day. :))

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Did anyone catch any rabbits?
That reminds me of another funny story, but if I were to post it on here, I would probably get sent to jail.
I will say however, that I have very good aim with a sling shot. :)

I still have to do an Easter post. Hold your hats folks, it looks like it might get a little serious.
Yes, it is within my abilities.

Well...That is all I can say at this time, seeing that I am unable to download pictures on a account of this being dial-up.

Fifty five more days until Pacific Coast Camp in California and forty days until Nicole and I fly out!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bible Quizzer's Outing

Today the Bible quizzers from the two churches here got together and went to the lake. 
It's spring break so everyone is out of school for 2 weeks. :)
Here are a few pictures.

Elder Wakefield doing push-ups

Junior Wakefield doing sit-ups

I don't know what HE was doing...tanning? :p

Me and el Grampa

Volleyball with a soccer ball. 
...That didn't last long.... : D

Getting ready to get in the boats

 Nicole's boat...lancha...what's it called? A rowboat? It's not a canoe...

My floating metal thing

Yeah, it's gross, but it felt really good :P


 Tio Mario's group

Nicole pulled all of us back to "shore" at the end. 

I dream of tipping one of these boat. That'd be funny. 
Haha.....I'm not in the write-y mood, if you can't tell. :P 
But I have an announcement.
Next week Bro. May from Memphis, TN and Bro. King from Ft. Worth, TX are coming!
We're having a 3-day revival starting on Friday. 
If anyone wants to come, we'd love to see you! :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Next Fundraising Campaign

Greetings Fellow Laborers in Christ!

We bring some of this:
Regarding the Wakefield families in Mexico. 
We have not been kidnapped! Neither have we been abused or harmed by anyone. We are very happy about that! We have not been robbed (recently). We have not been hung from any bridges. 
Based upon this information, we have designed a new plan for missionary support for those laboring in Mexico. 
Our supporters have not been asked to help with ransom demands or hospital expenses, or replacement of stolen goods. We take comfort in knowing that you would be there for us if something unfortunate were to happen to any of the missionaries in Mexico.
But what if one of us were kidnapped? What if a ransom were demanded?
How much would you give? How much could you give if our lives depended on it? 

Wouldn't it be sad for Jesus to come and those who knew the need of the mission fields to have spare money in their pockets? 
Take that amount that you COULD give and just cut it in half. 

Send it through the usual channels this week. All your information will be kept:

 Why spend money on ransoms when we could be building churches and reaching the lost?

The Wakefields in Mexico. And probably all other missionaries down here. :p

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scene One, Part One

Time: 11:00 pm
Setting: Bethany and Nicole sitting on Bethany's bed playing Boggle. 
Nicole: "I like to watch the sand in the hourglass."
Bethany: "I like it when you look at the sand too."
...Guess who won that game? 

A few minutes later we went into the kitchen to find something to eat.
Here in Mexico, milk is sold in non-refrigerated boxes. Yes I know that's really weird, but it does taste perfectly normal. Except when you pour yourself a glass not knowing it was just put in the fridge and isn't cold yet. 
That's what happened just now. Rice Krispies + Room Temp Milk=Nasty
I'm not really into putting ice into my cereal, but apparently Nicole is fine with it. 
Also, there is something hilariously funny about talking with Rice Krispies in your mouth. 
I don't know what it is, but every time Nicole opens her mouth, I lose it. 
I laugh my head off, like this. 


Hey, the WPF's conference, Summit, is going on right now. If anyone wants to hear some gooood preaching, go here:

Bro. Raul Alvear is preaching and it is so awesome!

So Tasty...

Have you ever had a crepe that was so good, that it was tasty to walk??
Tasty to WALK, you guys!!
No? Must be a Mexico thing...

Monday, April 11, 2011

High Honor

Ya'll should get your lil ole selves over to my good friend Ashlyn DeAro's blog :)
A very compelling post, if I do say so myself!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Letter of Thanks

I'm home alone. That's when I come up with the best ideas....
Some people are just tooo sweet. Look at this letter!

Dear Bethany,

I just want to say that I love your girls' blog sooo much, it provides me with a LOT of entertainment and laughs. I love to laugh!! The pictures are so great, the writing is even GREATER. Give yourself a big hug for all your hard work. I know sometimes people do not appreciate your sense of humor. For example, that pinky toe post. I know you got a lot of flack on that one, but let me say: I laughed until I passed out on the floor!

Sometimes you don't blog for long periods of time, but I understand that you do have a life outside of this blog. You do a great job posting anyways. Also, I love the design of the blog. I bet you spend hours working on it. And well like I said...I really like it. Thanks for all the effort you've put in for the past year and a half. Oh, and yes, I can't wait until Pacific Coast Apostolic Camp 2011, either! We are going to have a great time together. I can't wait to see you!

Extremely Sincerely, 
Bethany <3

Heh heh. 
Alrighty so I'm glad we got that out of the way. Now onto more important things....!
 We had fabulous church tonight!
There were four people in the altars seeking for the Holy Ghost!! 

This is the lady that got the Holy Ghost. :)

Yes, I am very very very happy. I told God tonight that I'm tired of "blah" services and that what we needed was to see a sinner saved. There's nothing like watching God fill someone with the Holy Ghost!

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