Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teacher Love

Austin is the most frustrating student. Ever. I mean not like I've taught a million... But believe me... It's pretty bad. 
He frustrates his teacher, and he also gets frustrated himself. Yesterday he demonstrated the scope of his frustrated-ness.
I had left him alone to finish a page in his school book, and this is what I found upon my return. I think it is very self-explanatory :)) 
When I saw it I broke down laughing...
As you can see from his drawing, that is him with a sword. The person tied down to the table, my dear readers, is me. Nicole, his loving sister. And yes, that is a vat of boiling oil that is being poured on helpless me. Oh and yeah, don't you love how he has his foot ready to kick me in the head? HAHA.
He loves me really he does... I think... :))
Okay I just asked him if he loves me. His answer: "Most of the time... Not a few minutes ago, but most of the time." Hahaha :)

Well guys that's all! I'm off to work with Austin in his math!


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Couture by Cassia said...

Wow he is very artistic!:-/ lol good job teach!:-p

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