Monday, April 25, 2011

Fiesta y Siesta

My inner Indian is marching out of its teepee, palm in the air. "HOW."

"Bethany, why haven't you blogged?" I have heard that quite a bit these past few days. And my answer? "I am not prepared to give a statement at this time." But apparently I ate my Wheaties today beacause here I am.

Nicole and I are at our Gramma's house spending a few days with her. "The Elder" went to Chetumal this weekend to preach a conference. Eight people got the Holy Ghost and fifty want to be baptized!
Praise God!

We've been listening to Anne of Green Gables and Old Time Radio all day. My Gramma fixed us an amazing lunch of sweet and sour chicken. I gave her a facial and a manicure...which reminds me of a story....

One time when I was younger, my uncle was at our house. He was stretched out on the living room floor and my cousin and I were messing with his hair and having a grand old time. Then he fell asleep...that's when the real fun began.
My cousin and I got it in our heads to paint all his fingers and toes with clear nail polish. The funny part is that he had a job interview the next day. :))

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Did anyone catch any rabbits?
That reminds me of another funny story, but if I were to post it on here, I would probably get sent to jail.
I will say however, that I have very good aim with a sling shot. :)

I still have to do an Easter post. Hold your hats folks, it looks like it might get a little serious.
Yes, it is within my abilities.

Well...That is all I can say at this time, seeing that I am unable to download pictures on a account of this being dial-up.

Fifty five more days until Pacific Coast Camp in California and forty days until Nicole and I fly out!



Couture by Cassia said...

*GASP* u sinner!:-p Aaaaah I'm so excited about PCC!!! Having fun with the dialup net? Heehee! Tell your grma I said hello n I miss her cooking & fellowship:) I hope this month passes by fast!!!

ELiana said...

You girls better be stopping by in Burbank! :) (I'm pretty sure you will ;)) haha Can't wait to see you girls! I want to know how your uncle's interview turned out! haha

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