Sunday, April 10, 2011

Letter of Thanks

I'm home alone. That's when I come up with the best ideas....
Some people are just tooo sweet. Look at this letter!

Dear Bethany,

I just want to say that I love your girls' blog sooo much, it provides me with a LOT of entertainment and laughs. I love to laugh!! The pictures are so great, the writing is even GREATER. Give yourself a big hug for all your hard work. I know sometimes people do not appreciate your sense of humor. For example, that pinky toe post. I know you got a lot of flack on that one, but let me say: I laughed until I passed out on the floor!

Sometimes you don't blog for long periods of time, but I understand that you do have a life outside of this blog. You do a great job posting anyways. Also, I love the design of the blog. I bet you spend hours working on it. And well like I said...I really like it. Thanks for all the effort you've put in for the past year and a half. Oh, and yes, I can't wait until Pacific Coast Apostolic Camp 2011, either! We are going to have a great time together. I can't wait to see you!

Extremely Sincerely, 
Bethany <3

Heh heh. 
Alrighty so I'm glad we got that out of the way. Now onto more important things....!
 We had fabulous church tonight!
There were four people in the altars seeking for the Holy Ghost!! 

This is the lady that got the Holy Ghost. :)

Yes, I am very very very happy. I told God tonight that I'm tired of "blah" services and that what we needed was to see a sinner saved. There's nothing like watching God fill someone with the Holy Ghost!


Marvin C. C. said...

hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha i believed it untill i saw the name of the "sender" hahahaaha beth you do crack us up... Man Great Church...

Couture by Cassia said...

YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm am soooo happy it's happening!!!!!:-) and oh yah you know that ladys letter? Well ditto! Your blog is bomb!:-p lov yah!

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