Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Goodies de la U.S.

La Mamá got home last night!! And she brought American "delicacies".
I think I am experiencing what is known as a "sugar headache" :D
Eating a lot of sugar makes me want to use big words and I mix my metaphors. 

Nicole and I and our mouth-watering Sour Patches!!!

A substitute of my favorite thing on planet Earth:
Caramel apples=Caramel Apple suckers

She also brought back the Green Ring Conspiracy.......We're listening to it right now. 
I've been on an Odyssey strike for the past few months because I extremely dislike the new Whit. But now, if you pretend people are saying "Pit" instead of "Whit", it makes things better. I was going to say, if you want to know what happens in the end, email me and I'd be happy to spill the beans.....but I just realized I have no clue what is going on. 
There are about 19 million characters and I can't figure out who is who and what the carnival has anything to do with anything. 
 Nicole is sitting on my bed screaming in my ear about how she is "so worried about these people that don't even exist". 

Active dry yeast for making bread....


Nicole thinks that Monty and Connie are going to get together in the end. 
HOW is that EVEN possible?? When I was 8, Connie was 16 and Monty was about 10. But now I'm 20 and all of a sudden, they are both the same age? Wrong, wrong, wrong!
I do think it's possible that Wooten and Penny get together, since they are both very odd. 
If you're listening to this online....I'm sorry.
You'll have to wait till the weekend to hear more. However, I am perfectly willing to spoil the ending for you. Just email me. I'm just doing what I would want someone to do for ME!
My life temptation is to look in the back of the book to find out who is guilty. 
I LOVE surprises, I just hate knowing about them ahead of time. 
I don't know if I could ever be surprised.  (In real life, I mean). 

HOWEVER...I just found out who "the Stiletto" is. WOW. I am definitely extremely flabbergasted!!

I would like to give a shout-out to Chris, the announcer on Odyssey:
"You're dumb"
Hahahah. Well, she is!

And one last funny picture for your enjoyment...

Paul was talking about the hair on your head being a covering. Not the hair on your face. 
If the hair on your face is long enough to cover your head....
Something is probably wrong. 

*If you are not an Odyssey fan you should either become one, or disregard this entire post. 
(Minus the facial hair part. You should probably take that part to heart). 
The End. 



Couture by Cassia said...

To chris on odyssey..."you are so dumb, your really dumb, fo real!" hee hee hope you got that! Can you believe as much of a fan that i am i have not heard ANY of the new ones! I cant get past how everyone is so different...HAPPY YOU GOT YOUR CARMEL APPLES....NICOLE YOU NEED TO SHAVE LIKE NOW! :-p i am still so estatic about SEEING YOU AT PCC!! Tell "LA MAMA" HOLA!

(PS i think im obscessed with your blog.....COMMENT PEOPLE COMMENT! lol)

Couture by Cassia said...

(PPS you guys look GORGEOUS! lov yor hair beth! *sniff yahll are growing into such beautiful young ladies..:) )

Cyndi Kaye said...

I already finished listening to the Green Ring Conspiracy. I hope they have a sequel cause I'd like to know if Penny and Wooten get together too and what happens to Buck and Mr. Skint and the Stiletto and Monty, etc.

FYI - I always skip through books who have lots of characters and only read about the people I'm really interested in. I also [sometimes] flip to the back of the book to see who did what and what's the ending. Cause I wanna know! LOL!

I'm really a kid at heart that's stuck in an old lady's body - hahaha.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Cassia, thanks for the compliments :) and you're gonna have to get your little self down here ASAP so we can stay up all night, every night, catching up on the newer Odysseys!!

Cyndi Kaye....Is this Sis Cyndi or Sis. Cynthia??
Anyways, You're my HERO for listening to Odyssey!! This just goes to show that you can NEVER out grow it!


Dacia Loa said...

Oh! Oh! My sister got "The Green Ring Conspiracy" the other week! I liked 'em!!! :D

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Heh heh...I'm listening to the whole story again. I totally don't get what happened. I was blogging and on the phone thru most of it...that is probably why. :P


Eliana said...

Aye aye aye! I have to say that I like totally LOVED this Odyssey!! haha I loved all the suspense and the surprises, and I think Jay is totally hilarious!!!! I thought Francine was pretty annoying, and I though Matthew was cute lol and the ending is pretty cool!! I'll probably end up spilling the beans on here lol Anyways, I'm glad you got some of the things that make us grateful for living in the U.S :) Love you!

Nicole Wakefield said...

Oh my word I am SO with you Eliana!!! I LOVE JAY!!!!! Hahahaa :)) But um... who is Francine??? Am I going crazy...? I don't remember a Francine... huh. But I'm re-listening to it too so maybe i will get to meet her this time. LOL :P

Couture by Cassia said...

Hay I listened to them you guys!!!! And jay is pretty funny!! Lol wow still getting over the change but it was pretty cool!

Cyndi Kaye said...

Sis. Cynthia to y'all - Cyndi Kaye to mi familia.

Who is Francine? Let's see there was Whit, Connie, Eugene, Katrina, Whooten, Penny, Monte, Jay, Jay's uncle [can't remember his name] Matthew, Matthew's friend [can't remember his name], the girl who had a crush on Buck, Mr. Skint, the professor [can't remember his name], Archie, the Stiletto, the female CIA agent, the detective, the guy who lost his phone, hmmm can't remember the rest of the characters but there were quite a few in this series and everyone had their own story going on.

Hasta la juego mi amigas de Mexico

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