Friday, November 27, 2009

4:24am. Waaaaay to early. Oh the sacrifices we make...
We are now on our way to best buy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

We recently realized that the Mexican immigration department was ordering us to "go north my valient conquistadores!" So where are we right now?" Texas. Or should I say 2nd Mexico? I was really looking forward to getting to talk and hear all English...forgetting where we were really going. And one other thing: we all felt reAlly out of place when we went to walmart last night. I think McAllen is doing a spirit week type of thing and this week is "Wear Your PJs Everywhere You Go". Well I knew this was the in thing to do, but I'd forgotten how trashy it looks. I was embarrasses for some of the people running around. They had the whole bed hair thing going. Its quite a show.

We left Wednesday morning and drove for 14 hours before we finally FINALLY saw that glorious red white and blue flag waving in the air. Austin astounded us...Even he got all sappy while we were waiting in line on the bridge, getting ready to cross over. He starting quoting from this story he had heard about a year ago about the war for America's independence. "The flag lay in a twisted position. The base of it was crushed and it was leaning but the flag was still up. It had missil shot holes in it from the British."
..."the men were praying to God to help the flag stand. Francis Scott Key went down to the bottom of the boat and told the men, 'tonight you are going to be freed from your chains and go back to your homes on America.'" Austin was saying all of this and we were playing "God Bless America" real loud. It was so fun. Then for the main moment...We crossed over and then..,
(hear the drum roll) "Oh say can you see by the dawns early light..."
I'm so glad to be back Here for a few days!
Austin just said "it feels good to be back in America where you feel safe to drink the sink water."

Oh! And today was Thanksgiving so we went to Mimi's Cafe for turkey and mashed potatos etc. It wasn't fabulous but our waiter was entertaining. Oh yes...I just want to let you all know we saw a celebrity today. I'll post pics when I get back home and you Guess can guess who it is. Ha!!
Tomorrow of course is Black Friday. We are going to be getting up at 4:00am to go get in line at Best Buy. A family in our church gave us money to buy them a computer. This could could get a little wild. Pray we don't have to scratch anybody eyes out trying to get a good deal. :))

Bedtime. My tent in front of Target is calling my name. Ho ho ho.
(Christmas music starts tomorrow by the way. We are rejoicing.)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nicole's Great Cooking, and Mo'

It was earlyyy one morning and cold, cold, cold in the house. It gets so cold inside, you can see your breathe! Haha...
Anyways, Ranger was obviously feeling a little chilled, too so he went looking for the sun...
...and found it on top of our kitchen table. 

Saturday Sis. Marisol came over to show me how to make this thing that she makes that I love. Nicole decided she would make this cake for dessert. 2 layers. 
First let me say that Nicole is a wonderful dessert maker. 
But...she must have been tired or something on Saturday. 
She gets the first layer down, then puts the top one on, drizzled the frosting on it. Then...
"What is that red thing sticking out between the layers?!"
Somehow a pot holder had gotten in the middle of things. So we had chocolate cake a la pot holder. :))

On Thursday we all went over to a family in our church's house to eat tamales. 

They heat their house with carbon. It was so toasty in there!

We had a new family come for the first time during our conference a couple weeks ago. They have 3 girls. Belinda, Andrea, and a two month old baby girl that wasn't named yet. (That's how they do it here.)
Well, Sunday night at church Gilberto and his wife, Mikaela decided to name their baby Betania (Bethany in Spanish.) How touching!! My family has tons of people named after them, so I guess now I am part of the club. ;o)

And lastly:
Austin (with his talented photography) says, "Thumbs up!"

Rambo's Post--Unfortunately

Friday the 13th, 2009

A female Rottie came over to 'visit' Rambo on Friday. We were all excited, thinking, there would be mini-Rambos running around in a few months. But alas, the fates were against us. 
Rambo was so excited, he was following her around, drooling. It was just too much for his poor little heart. 
Now Rambo is surely in doggie heaven. 
We miss you, Rambo!! Rudy is just not very intimidating. Who will scare the neighbors away now? 
So now we are dog shopping. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ranger's Post

Ranger´s been a little sick this past week, but last night he ate a bowl of food, then this morning was dancing around the living room, wagging his tail. So I think he´s better! Here are a few cute pictures of him...

Ranger´s wet nose.

Austin learned how to play UNO last week.

I know this is kinda random, but this is chickens hanging in the market.

And the people in front of us were buying a kilo and a half of chicken heads.
...My lovely, beautiful Gramma...
Austin telling Gramma Claus what he wants for Christmas.

Grampa, me and Nicole.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov Conference 2009

For this post to make sense, 'ya hafta' start reading at the bottom. Then look at the pictures starting from there.
-Management. :))

Austin, Mom, me, Dad, and Nicole.
The 3 girls that got baptized. Cousins.
Angelica getting baptized in Jesus' Name!

Maribel getting baptized. She is also one of my kids from Sunday school.

Jazmin going down under.

Bro. Bufford and Caleb, Bro. Billy, Elder Wakefield, Sis. Wakefield, and Sis. Bufford.
One God, Bro. Bufford!

Pastor Trevino and me.

Hno. Jorge and Hna. Natalia praying with her dad, Hno. Fidel.
He's from our church.

Pastor Trevino preaching at our church.
And Javier getting used as a prop.

Bro. Mario's brother, Isai singing.

The last night was a singspiration then Pastor Trevino preached.
These are my kids singing.

Eating lunch.

Altar call.

Bro. Omar Guzman.
He preached "Not for Sale". He really connected with the people while telling stories about his mom's life in Guatemala.

Pastor Trevino, Bro. Curtis Wakefield, Bro. Bufford, Bro. Billy, Bro. Alfredo Perez from San Juan del Rio, Bro. Mario (Elder Wakefield's assistant pastor), and his brother that pastors a couple hours away, Hno. Irvin.

Church getting started.

Making rice for the conference lunch.

This is what was out in front of the church after Bro. Billy preached.
A Day of the Dead parade. It was WEIRD. Guys dressed like girls...gross.
Hno. Israel (the builder) is really maturing and was really blessed during this conference.

Keyla and Eliana.

Hno. Israel was so happy and proud to be getting his picture taken with all the preachers.
Israel with Bro. Guzman and Bro. Fontanes.
Bro. Trevino and the kids from both churches.

I think this lady got the Holy Ghost. Gramma, correct me if I'm wrong.
I was on the platform singing and just saw everybody suddenly get really excited and start jumping and yelling, then hugs all around.

I just think this is a really funny picture.
What is Hno. Gelacio thinking?

Gramma and Jazmin.

Pastor Trevino from Bell Gardens, CA.
We were so excited to have him in Puebla for the first time!
The people fell in love with him and his dimples. :)
But seriously...the quality and depth of his preaching really helped our people. The first night he focused in on the men and their support of their pastor. The presence of God was so powerful.
The second night he preached on God separating the light from the darkness. A message on holiness and separation from the world. Both messages were outstanding.

Austin eating his pizza. Hna. Natalia made the pizzas and they were so good that she is coming over this Saturday to teach us how to make them.

All of these pictures so far have been from Saturday, the first night.
This is Bro. Billy preaching, my dad translating.
He preached an awesome message. You can't get to heaven without repenting, getting the Holy Ghost, and getting baptized in JESUS NAME!

Hna. Hayde on the piano, Hno. Mario, Bro. Curtis Wakefield, Bro. Billy Graham Mimba, and Hno. Baltazar.
And who is that slim, handsome man behind that gorgeous pulpit?
OH! Is that you Grampa? I wouldn't have recognized you except for your brilliant hair.
Elder Wakefield is starting this 90-day exercise thing, and let me tell ya. He is droppin' them pounds like...big stones down a steep hill. HA!
Dropping pounds as fast as a...really fast thing. As Harlow Doyle would say. Lookin' good!

"Idols, idols, come get your idols. A Jesus for every one of your needs."
Mary, Peter, whichever one of the saints you could want. This is your place.

This is Austin and Bro. Billy Mimba 5 minutes after they met.

I think Austin's favorite person is now Bro. Billy Mimba.
He said:
"I have never been so educated in all my life."
"I have never met such a particular person."
"It's not every day you meet someone like this."
I think they are friends for life.

Bro. and Sis. Bufford, Bro. Billy Graham Mimba from Vandalia Missouri. They come down usually about twice a year and we LOVE having them! Bro. Bufford is a cut-up, but when he gets in church...It's time to have church! The ladies from our church told me he looks like a soldier. The way he shakes hands and how he is in church. He gets behind the preacher!

The conference was on the weekend of Halloween/Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead.
So basically the theme of this conferece was "while Mexico is celebrating the dead, the Apostolic people of Puebla are celebrating the LIVING God."
This skeleton girl was in the motel where the preachers stayed.
This is me (Bethany), Matilda, and Nicole.

Long time, no post, right!?
For some reason this computer today is not letting me arrange my pictures, so that's why you have to read this post backwards if you want it to make sense. Or at least look at the pictures al revers-o.
It feels really good to post. I haven't been on the internet, this blog, or my email for...I don't know how long. Whatever the last post date was. It feels like a month.

Well, this past weekend was our November conference. It was really good Fun b/c the two churches haven't gotten to see each other in a few months and also b/c we got to play tourist for a few days. Americans came! Hallelujah! The people here call this getting to visit with people from "my land". It felt really good. Just to speak English actually. Now Nicole and I are kind of in a recooperation/depression-because-the-Americans-are-gone mood.

But anyways. The conference was really good, the preaching was awesome, and most exciting of all--we made a First. One of my girls from Sunday school got the Holy Ghost! This month is her and her family's one year anniversary of starting to come to church. Those of you who read this blog might remember the builders. Israel--he is her dad. We are really excited!! Jazmin got the Holy Ghost the first night then on the last night got baptized with 2 other girls.

Now for the pictures...
(go up :)

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