Monday, November 16, 2009

Nicole's Great Cooking, and Mo'

It was earlyyy one morning and cold, cold, cold in the house. It gets so cold inside, you can see your breathe! Haha...
Anyways, Ranger was obviously feeling a little chilled, too so he went looking for the sun...
...and found it on top of our kitchen table. 

Saturday Sis. Marisol came over to show me how to make this thing that she makes that I love. Nicole decided she would make this cake for dessert. 2 layers. 
First let me say that Nicole is a wonderful dessert maker. 
But...she must have been tired or something on Saturday. 
She gets the first layer down, then puts the top one on, drizzled the frosting on it. Then...
"What is that red thing sticking out between the layers?!"
Somehow a pot holder had gotten in the middle of things. So we had chocolate cake a la pot holder. :))

On Thursday we all went over to a family in our church's house to eat tamales. 

They heat their house with carbon. It was so toasty in there!

We had a new family come for the first time during our conference a couple weeks ago. They have 3 girls. Belinda, Andrea, and a two month old baby girl that wasn't named yet. (That's how they do it here.)
Well, Sunday night at church Gilberto and his wife, Mikaela decided to name their baby Betania (Bethany in Spanish.) How touching!! My family has tons of people named after them, so I guess now I am part of the club. ;o)

And lastly:
Austin (with his talented photography) says, "Thumbs up!"


Kathy McElhaney said...

I think you could win a prize with that picture of Ranger! Great lighting.

As far as the potholder cake... well... I'm not sure what kind of prize Nicole would win!!! But it was about food, so you know I loved it!!

Will you celebrate Thanksgiving down there next week? I know it's not a Mexican holiday, but I wondered if y'all still did it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Haha I think I win the "Ditz Prize"! Lol
- Nicole

Curtis said...

Oh yes! We always celebrate thanksgiving. This year though we are doing something a little different. A ladyfrom church is going to make us some Chinese food! She's a pro at it. Of course I'll post lots of pics!!


and I think Nicole should win the " tastiest pot holder" award. ;)

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