Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Revenge

To the 2 flies that decided to play "Dive-Bomb Bethany's Face" at 7am this morning:

Goodbye and GOOD RIDDANCE!!

Don't EVEN mess with me in the morning!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Noe the Smarty Pants

Ok...I know I already posted today, but I (Bethany) have to tell about you guys about this:

I have a little boy in my class named Noe. He is 6 years old and is a little simple and SO adorable!! Every time he comes to church, he runs up to me with a huge grin on his face, grabs my hand and says, "Is today Sunday school?" It's really sad, he doesn't go to school. I think it's b/c the schools here in Mexico don't have special ed classes so he just stays home with his mom. Anyways, today in Sunday school we were learning Acts 2:38. (Remember, this isn't the shortest verse ever!) So I wrote it on the board and we said it a couple of times, then we went around the room choosing one word at a time to erase. ever many words there are in Acts 2:38, that's how many times we repeated it.

After there were no more words to erase I said, "Ok! Who can say it now all my themselves?"
A couple of kids tried it, but would mess up just a tiny bit. But then Noe said, "MEEE!! I can!" He's always randomly (loudly) calling out stuff in class, so I didn't really take him seriously. (Like on Friday night I knelt down in front of him to tell him that Sunday School was the day after tomorrow and he just shouted, "My name is Noe!") Anyways, I just smiled and said, "Ok, go!!" But he just looked at me with that big grin on his face. So I turned away to call on the next kid when suddenly he just started shouting it out. "Y Pedro les dijo arrepentios y bauticese...!" I turned around, I'm sure my mouth was hanging open...
And all of us in the room watched in amazement as he said the whole verse, by himself, no prompting, PERFECTLY!! In the words of Chris Matthews...I had a thrill going up my leg. JK!
Anyways...Him quoting that verse gave me the goosebumps!! I know a lot of people at church think he is...dumb. But this just goes to show that is is NOT!! Out of17 'normal' kids, he was the FIRST one to say the verse. You GO Noe!
I am so SO SO SO proud of him!! I'll post a pic of him as soon as I can find one or take one.

Hey, you know how you hear these stories of autistic kids that can plaaaay the piano, or are artists or whatever?? Well, we've decided we're gonna sit Noe down at the piano at church and see what he does. Come to think of it, actually we need a drummer.

...and I can't figure out how to get this stinkin' italics to get off. So I guess it's time to go. :))

Ooooh..tomorrow or Tuesday's post is going to be very...revealing...!!
Kinda like on Odyssey when Liz does a report on cafeteria food.
Nicole and I bought some very strange looking meat at the grocery store the other day. One is red...and the other is GREEN. We cooked it for lunch yesterday(details later), but we still don't know exactly what is was that we ate. So I'm going to ask Elder Wakefeild's assistant pastor's wife about it. She's really smart about these kinds of things...AND she speaks English! :)) Then I'll post all the gory details tomorrow? w/ all the gross looking pictures.
***Next post: Not for weaklings!!***

Poor Little Girl!

When stopped at a light in Mexico, it's normal for someone to be at the front of the line of the cars juggling, blowing fire, selling trinkets or snacks, doing a clown act, standing on their head, or a guy will come up with a squeegee (what Bernard Walton on AIO washes windows with!) and start washing your windshield. ...anything to get a couple of pesos.
Well, the other day my parents were driving down the street and came to a red light. So they stopped...waiting for the light to change when they saw this little girl walking to each car, asking if they wanted her to clean their side mirrors!! The guy in front of my parents told the girl no, but my dad immediately started digging for some change. So the little girl came up and wiped down the mirrors, real slowly with her dirty little rag. It's kind of heartbreaking, but cute at the same time. Also...SO dangerous!! She could get ran over so easily... :(
This is one of those time where we're scrambling for the camera...

This is the girl's little brother sitting in the divider between the road.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner With the Wakefields

Last night we had our grandparents (Elder and Sis. Wakefield) over for dinner. We barbecued steak on the grill. It was sooo good and tender. If you guys want to come over for a barbecue this weekend aaall of you are welcome! Haha...

This is Ranger trying to show of this new talent: Climbing onto the table.

"Fine...I'll just sit here."

Austin using his overactive imagination. He's telling us about the adventures of Max Steel (the guy on the table).

Looking up... the huge beehive. For some reason, no one wanted to climb the ladder and shove a stick into it. (???) Now THOSE would be some funny pictures!!


Keeping the meat hot.

FINALLY sitting down to eat. And Austin praising God with his fork in the air.
I made Flan...and it was so good (if I don't mind saying so myself!)

Visiting in the living room.
Me and Mattie.

Dad and the zonked out Ranger.

Austin and Grampa.
We love you, Grampa and Gramma!!!
THEE end!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fruits of the Spirit and Sunday School

A couple Sundays ago my dad/Bro. Curtis Wakefield offered to teach my Sunday School class since our assistant pastor would be preaching. So 'el Pastor' came and taught on the fruits of the spirit and made a "Fruit of the Spirit Sub Sandwich". My kids LOVED it!! They were on the edge of their seats the whole time, so attentive and smiley. :)) It was fun to just stand back and watch. I think it they liked it because THEE Pastor (who they respect and really look up to) took the time and taught them their own personal lesson, at their level. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

This room we are in is 9 feet wide and about 12 feet long. We have 17 kids that come faithfully. We are packed in there like sardines!! Then when we have gets a little crazy! It gets hot and stuffy in there, but we have so much fun learning about God and his word, I don't think my kids even notice. :o)
Once we get the church/house put back together :)) we are going to have Sunday school outside, right in front of the church. I can't wait. (Fresh air at last!)

This week we are getting the gate put on the front of the church so we can keep building and finish the inside of the house without worrying that someone is going to go up there and steal something. About a month ago someone stole the church water pump and some other small stuff...The head guy that is putting in the gate seems really interested in the church and is not closed minded like a lot of the Catholics here. So pray for him! We need faithful men at Tabernaculo de Victoria.

Love that zebra print Bible case! ;))
And look at the Big-O sub! Mayo-Love, Mustard-Joy, Ham-Kindness, etc.

"Oooh!" (Lol)
This is the majority of the Sunday School class of Tabernaculo de Victoria.
This is our church (above is the house). The front area where there is lots of block and stuff is where we will be doing Sunday school in the near future. With the gate on, we'll probably attach some kind of mini blinds or something to help keep the kids' attention on the teacher instead of what is happening on the street. It's gonna be neat!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Troubles and Other Great Humor

We've just found out that the school that we thought Nicole and Austin would be going to this year is now not an option. So Nicole is frantically searching around on the internet for a good curriculum/school/program to do this year. It's getting a little....CRAZY!!

These are some of the different tabs she had open with different schools that might be an option.

If you've ever had one of those compressed air cans that you use to clean the keys on your computer...this might all make sense.
So this is Nicole drowning her sorrows in cold, compressed air. (above)

(Below) Me getting my breath drowned out by Nicole's 'windblown effect'. That air is COLD! I know, b/c she 'spilled' it on my foot. Turns out you're not supposed to turn the bottle upside down while you spray. (So THAT'S what happened! ...She just tells me this now...) I thought my foot was going to fall off! (Notice: my foot in her lap in the picture above.)

...The search continues for a school. This doesn't look like we're very serious about finding Nicole a school, but REALLY MOM!! We are!

Monday, August 24, 2009


While we are having the house on the church built, we are living in a city called Cholula--a suburb of Puebla. Cholula is an ancient city centered around a Aztec pyramid. When the Catholics came from Spain 500 years ago they buried the pyramid because it was the center of worship. On top of the pyramid they built a cathedral that is...really huge and cool looking. :)) There are tunnels at the base of the pyramid for people to tour that don't have problems with claustrophobia.
In spite of this not being a large community, it is staunchly and proudly Catholic--they brag of having a Catholic church for every day of the year--365, except for on the leap year, they hurry and build a new one then knock it down. Just kidding...

Anyways, if you stand on the top of our house on one side, you will see this:

...and this. The big church on the hill. Today Grampa/Elder Glenn Wakefield climbed up to the church THREE times. Here is our encouragement to his leg muscles: Burn baby, BURN!!
To Aunt Debbie: Don't you wish you were here to appreciate this wonder in motion?! (Heehee! We loooove you!)

This is the church at night. Magnificent. Lit up like a Christmas tree.
...OOPSIES!! Uh...I mean like a house-a-fire...

Look the other way and you'll see this. A big mountain with smoke coming out the top of it. Ever heard of a volcano? We have such 'great' luck. Every time it explodes, we are out of town. :( Actually, once we were here when it erupted. The sky filled with this humongous cloud, then ash started raining down. Everything was covered. It was pretty cool.

From where I am sitting right now, this is what I see:


When we moved here about a month and a half ago, the corn stalks were about a foot tall. Now they are taller than I am. (That's pretty tall!! 5"3...Haha!)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dia de Campo

We've been wanting to do a picnic/day out with the Sunday school class for a while, but all of our weekends were busy. Finally we got a free Saturday so we all went to the ancient ruins that are down the street from our church. The weather was perfect...80 degrees, sunny, and little windy. We played futbol (soccer), 'roll the tire up and down the hill', ate lunch, sat around and talked, and had a gooood time! Around 3:00 the clouds started rolling in so we left before we could get caught in the downpour.
We were home for a couple of hours, then left again to go to the Zocalo--the center of town. There was a band set up to play that we didn't stay for that. Only got to hear them warming up. We had fun anyways just walking around and seeing whatever there was to see.

Here are a few pictures of the picnic.

The road to our church and the ruins.

This is Austin on the way to the picnic. His new favorite song is "I've drawn the line and you ain't gonna cross it. Jesus gave me joy and I haven't lost it..." by The Dunaways. Any fast song with a fiddle, guitar, etc...and he is HOOKED!

Austin and Eliu playing in a cave they found at the ruins.

Judah lookin' cool with my sunglasses...

"Hey!! Give me back my glasses!"
Carry the tire UP the hill...

...and roll it back DOWN the hill. What a blast. (Haha!) It would've been much funner if we could've found a BIGGER tire and gotten IN it.


Me (Bethany), Anahi, and Maribel.

Me-"Ok boys, look at the camera!"
Me-"Umm...look at the camera..."
Yes, thank you ISRAEL for looking at the camera!!

Judah with Pastor's sunglasses.

Judah...again. Yes, this really is the 4th picture of him. But he's so cute!! I couldn't choose the best one.

Nicole, Austin, and me at the Zocalo. I had to bribe Austin with all kinds of things to get him to take a picture with us.
...the little stinker. ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

The REST of the Wakefield Family...

This is my Amazon Parrot named Mattie. She's waving.

Dumplin' the Quaker Parrot/Personal Alarm Clock says, "Nice to meet you!"
And our family dog, Ranger (a wiener dog) is doing what he does best. Actually...make that second best. He did an excellent job chewing up a pair of my shoes the other day... :((
I know, I know...don't let him use them as a pillow...
Then, we have an outside kitty cat.

For those of you who come and visit us, we'll go see this baby at our local safari.

Told ya they were cute!!

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