Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunday School Fun

We are back from Pacific Coast Camp! We have plenty of pictures of last week coming up, but I figured that in the meantime, I'd show some Sunday school pictures from a couple of weeks ago.

We had some pretty fun activities and games for the kids and they really enjoyed them! We had a relay race involving cotton balls and spoons...

The time-keeper

Making lady bugs...

The kids love anything having to do with FOOD...this Sunday they decorated cupcakes! YUM!

The kids went alllllll out!

Bro. Valentin teaching the Bible lesson


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Parable of the Lost Mexican Jumping Beans

 About a year ago, I bought some Mexican jumping beans. I loved them! They were my little buddies. I named them Boot, Scoot, Boogie, Fabio, and I can't remember the last one's name....(sorry, little buddy). I carried them around in my purse pretty much everywhere and whenever I had a dull moment, I would pull them out and watch them hop around. They were amazing little creatures - lol! Well, I am ashamed to say that I lost them after a couple of months. I had brought them to the U.S. to show my friends and figured I'd left them there. packing for the trip we are taking in a few hours, I found them!!! I was ecstatic! I pulled them out and much, much, much to my surprise, chagrin, amazement, and delight I found this:

I lined them up with the bean, the little door-opening that had fallen out of each bean, and the bug inside. Only one did not hatch.
They had hatched! 

Each had a hole in it where the bug inside escaped. 

Finally meeting my little friends - postmortem - haha. 

Neatest little things! 

Up close and personal

And back they went into their original home - the red felt baggie. Don't know what I'm going to do with them now...


Escaping the Earthquakes

We had an earthquake in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago and Abner jumped out of bed, hit the nightstand beside his bed, and a speaker fell on his face. It is funny that he did more damage to himself than the actual earthquake!
We've been having tonnnns of earthquakes lately! I would say an average of one a week for the past couple of months. Nicole and I are flying out to a city near YOU tomorrow, and I think the Big Mama Quake is going to happen while we are gone! That'd be crazy! As long as it doesn't happen right before we take off, like last time! Then we get delaaaaaayed and the whoooole day gets thrown off. Anyways. I kind of just wanted to blog and let the masses know that Nicole and I will be on vacation for the next couple of weeks so posting will be very sporadic (if we end up blogging at all). So that's the point of this post, but I figured a picture would spice things up.


Monday, June 9, 2014

2013-2014 School Year Finished!

We had our last day of school on Friday. Wow! What a happy day. Before school ended, we went out to take the boys' school pictures. I think they turned out pretty nice! 

Ale, B.R., Trejo, Fabz, Noni, and Lil Terk

Pastor and the little estudiantes

Los Tres Hermanos :)

These two cuties - the clown and the brain! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Market Day

We have so many market posts on this blog, but to me they are always new and interesting! Ha! I may be a bit biased. But here goes....

Nicole and I in the Chedraui parking lot - our neighborhood grocery store. We get things like milk and bread here then in the market we buy our meat, fruit, and veggies. 

After going to the grocery store, we walk a few blocks over to the market. We crossed the street and ran smack dab into this guy selling one of my favorite fruits - nanche!! I was so excited. I bought a half kilo of them. 

I thought the amount the guy gave me looked so tiny! So when I went to our cheese/cream vendor, I had the lady weigh my nanches on her scale. I was happy to see for myself that I did not get cheated out of my precious nanches - lol! 

The beautiful and colorful vegetables

When I find a vendor in the market that is kind and honest, I try to be loyal to them. I usually go to this lady for my greens for that reason. Unfortunately, I think she was having a bad day.........she seemed kind of snappy. Oh dear. 

FRUIT! Nicole and I are on a fruit and granola kick lately. Mangos and watermelon are in season right now and we are going wild with them.. fruit salads, fruit drinks, and fruit popsicles...Mmm! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Monster Girls

After church Sunday evening, the plan was that we were going to go home and have chili. At least, that's what I thought! Church ends and everyone leaves and Nicole and Abner decide they want tacos. I thought we had come to the conclusion that we would not be caught out after dark. But apparently the taco cravings were too much for my fellow comrades! So we grabbed a taxi and headed over to our favorite taco stand. We usually go here at least once a week, but since they are only open at night, we haven't been since my parents left.
An idol photobombing over my shoulder...creepy. 
Mr. Chauffeur telling Abner a story using very colorful language! 

*face palm* 

We were almost home when a BRILLIANT idea hit me! We should take our hair down and hang it all in front of our faces! Nicole and I were in the back seat crying from laughter. At first we both were like, "Naa....." But then we sat there for a second thinking about was a once in a blue moon chance. We weren't headed to church, we weren't gonna see anyone important. Suddenly we were tearing our hair down, bobby pins are flying and we are getting all scaried-up. Nicole and I were huddled down behind the passenger seat laughing are heads off. We pull up to the house, Abner pays the taxi driver and then gets out, not even looking back at us! It was tooooo perfect. We got out of the taxi, shut the door and just stand there, our arms locked and our hair all stringing down in front of our eyes. In my imagination, we looked like very scary zombies!! And it was dark outside.

Abner was walking towards the door to the house when he finally turns around and sees us........He looked very shocked and SCARED. We were rolling!!!!

Taken in the taxi right before we pulled up to the house. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

School - Yes, We Are Still Here!

...And this is our last week! I don't know who is more excited - the kids or their teachers! We are all very much looking forward to a couple months of break. 


Trejito! :P



Lil Terk, looking like he's loving math! 

Nicole counting school "money"

Lil Terk - he is our happy little guy :)

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