Thursday, June 5, 2014

Market Day

We have so many market posts on this blog, but to me they are always new and interesting! Ha! I may be a bit biased. But here goes....

Nicole and I in the Chedraui parking lot - our neighborhood grocery store. We get things like milk and bread here then in the market we buy our meat, fruit, and veggies. 

After going to the grocery store, we walk a few blocks over to the market. We crossed the street and ran smack dab into this guy selling one of my favorite fruits - nanche!! I was so excited. I bought a half kilo of them. 

I thought the amount the guy gave me looked so tiny! So when I went to our cheese/cream vendor, I had the lady weigh my nanches on her scale. I was happy to see for myself that I did not get cheated out of my precious nanches - lol! 

The beautiful and colorful vegetables

When I find a vendor in the market that is kind and honest, I try to be loyal to them. I usually go to this lady for my greens for that reason. Unfortunately, I think she was having a bad day.........she seemed kind of snappy. Oh dear. 

FRUIT! Nicole and I are on a fruit and granola kick lately. Mangos and watermelon are in season right now and we are going wild with them.. fruit salads, fruit drinks, and fruit popsicles...Mmm! 

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