Thursday, September 15, 2016

Heritage 2016

Heritage was great this year! Beth and I really don't even know what to say about it-- that's how great it was! ....Or is it the fact that it's been TWO MONTHS since it happened??
This is going to be a candid and openly honest post from Nicole. Bethany is such a slacker and refuses to post, so here I am, Nicole Wakefield, humble servant here to serve. Serve a post. But I'm not feeling much inspiration and definitely no chills, so I'm just going to type, and whatever flows from my fingers GOES! No backspacing today! Come what may... Lawd help us.

Okay, on a serious note, Heritage really was amazing this year. It always is. 
God moved in such a special way in every single service.
The church was packed out from day 1!

Bro. Dunlap preached the first night

This picture was taken on Friday night. Elder Dudley preached the last service and the altar call was so powerful. We saw TWO different people holding up these "polio" canes. We don't know the back story on these two happenings, but ya'll can put two and two together like we did. Heh heh. Beth help me out here.
**Update! I just found out that this picture is when a girl got healed from Multiple Sclerosis!! Thank you Jesus!**


______ morning Bro. Nathan Morton preached.

Seating was CRAZY. I think last year we came a couple hours early to get good seating. This year we lived on the edge and just showed up on time. Most nights this surprisingly worked out. This night pictured was one night that we didn't get too good of a seat. But it did make for a good picture!

Steph voxing with her adorable dog, Stetson. Cuteness!

Andrew's attempt at keeping us fed.

Afternoon lunch at Chili's!
Cara, Nicole, Bethany, and Danae

Thursday night was the lock-in at the Olympic Training Center. They had a total of over 700 youth there! It was hoppin. Much fun was had, and Nicole also temporarily lost her hearing after being smacked in the head with a volleyball. #excitement #youneverappreciatewhatyoudadtillitsgone

Aaand here we are in front of the cutest little pizza restaurant!

Guess what we did here? YES. We ordered. (Beth uploaded these pictures. I guess she liked this place. No idea why else there'd be so many pics of this place)

The Group. Plus one unknown man, who I just noticed. Anyone want to claim him?

There is never a dull moment with these two. And by these two, I mean Shalay and Stephanie. There is many a dull moment with Nicole. -Nicole
Really, there never was a dull moment. From Wooten's slide to burning ourselves on hot lasagna... We never stopped laughing! One morning I awoke from a typically short night of sleep, and stumbled into the bathroom to put in my contacts, only to find my case dry and empty. I was quite confused and thought that perhaps this was actually Beth's contact case... So I called out to Beth and asked if she had put her contacts in?? Had she put MY contacts in?? Where were my contacts? Had someone sneaked in and stolen them? No. 

Exhibit A. My contact case. 

Exhibit B. Shalay's contact case.
This is not EXACTLY her case...but its the closest I could find. They were pretty close in resemblance.
So yeah...Turns out Shalay and I wear almost the same prescription! She stumbled into the bathroom before me and stole my contacts. Hahaha.
Thank GOODNESS I always travel with a backup pair of contacts!

 You'd never know from the outside of this place what treasures are to behold on the inside! (A little dingy on the outside for some reason... Maybe this is meant to depict the parable of the ____________? Couldn't think of one.)

The girls. All single but the one on the left. Start calling some pastors guys!
You're welcome girls.

Cherie, Bethany, and Nicole with one of the sweetest and cutest gals in Pentecost! Vivian!

This is the part of the story where the group posed in the middle of the basketball courts for a picture. I was searching high and low for these people half of the night! Turns out they were in a huddle in the middle...
Notice how Nicole is not in the picture? 
Well, this very well could be the exact moment in which I was being mauled by a volleyball. All alone...fending for myself. Half deaf...

You know who you are.

 This picture has significance that most you all will not understand. Bethany and I hardly get our picture taken together, so every rare occasion that it happens, we are overjoyed and must document it.
 Oh yeah. And Bobby. LOL.

P.S. If the maid from Room 1424 is reading this, I left my purple flats in the room. If you have them and want to help a sister out, email me for my address! I'll trade them for the clippers I found last year.

Also, if anyone reading this is missing ONE size 6.5 black flat, Cherie Marchbanks has it. Crazily enough, out of 5 girls, its none of ours. Unless Shalay is still wearing my contacts and can't recognize her shoe.

Yours Truly, and unedited,

Nicole Wakefield

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


After our morning trip to Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, we headed over to the Focus on the Family headquarters and Whit's End. We went straight to Wooten's slide. Some of us had never been before and it turned out to be quite an experience. We made memories we will never forget! 

After going down the slide, we went and visited the ice cream shop.

Wooten + Penny :D
I got a Raspberry Ripple!
A Wod-fam-choc-sod and a Raspberry Ripple
About to enter the wardrobe and visit Narnia... :)

Of course we visited the Little Theater...

Sammy, Steph, Shalay, Cherie, Cara, Denae, me and Keith

Leaving Odyssey
Whit's End held much fun for us! Each year we make more memories there. Thank God for good, clean fun with forever friends! And I don't mean just Wooten, Liz, and Mr. Whittaker. The other people in these pictures have been just as great friends to us!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pike's Peak

Our first full day in Colorado Springs was spent at Pike's Peak and Whit's End. There were so many pictures taken, I thought I'd divide the day into two parts. 

The drive up to Pike's Peak was just gorgeous! It was a perfect day.

There's a train that goes all the way to the top of Pike's Peak - 14,000 feet!!

The train went super slow up the mountain - it was over an hour until we got to the top.
We kept switching seats so everyone got a well-rounded view of the sights.
It got colder and colder the higher we got. And it was super windy!

The view was beautiful!


An empty seat beside Nicole...begging to be filled...

Cherie, me, Denae
 At the top of Pike's Peak they have these famous doughnuts...You are supposed to take a picture of the view through the hole in the doughnut. 
The doughnuts weren't Krispy Kreme, but did majorly whet our hunger....

The incredible view from the top of Pike's Peak

Our train car

The group started getting verrrrry loud....we noticed the man behind Stephanie start to get irritated. I was trying to shush the girls - this is a perfect picture of how the ride back down the mountain went.
1. Stephanie being caught mid-scream and being told "shhhhhh!!" 2. Me, happy because things quieted down, and Steph looks...shut down! HA! We had a great time...I am not so sure about the group behind us! They didn't know a group of friends were going to be behind them that hadn't seen each other in a long time!

We had worked up quite an appetite through all the excitement of Pike's Peak. What better place to visit than the incredible Cracker Barrel?! Our faaavorite! It never disappoints.

Part two of Wednesday's sight-seeing is coming next! We got to see old friends - Bro. Whit, Sis. Connie, Bro. and Sis. Meltsner, etc. It was like no time had passed! That's how it is with family. ;)


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