Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pike's Peak

Our first full day in Colorado Springs was spent at Pike's Peak and Whit's End. There were so many pictures taken, I thought I'd divide the day into two parts. 

The drive up to Pike's Peak was just gorgeous! It was a perfect day.

There's a train that goes all the way to the top of Pike's Peak - 14,000 feet!!

The train went super slow up the mountain - it was over an hour until we got to the top.
We kept switching seats so everyone got a well-rounded view of the sights.
It got colder and colder the higher we got. And it was super windy!

The view was beautiful!


An empty seat beside Nicole...begging to be filled...

Cherie, me, Denae
 At the top of Pike's Peak they have these famous doughnuts...You are supposed to take a picture of the view through the hole in the doughnut. 
The doughnuts weren't Krispy Kreme, but did majorly whet our hunger....

The incredible view from the top of Pike's Peak

Our train car

The group started getting verrrrry loud....we noticed the man behind Stephanie start to get irritated. I was trying to shush the girls - this is a perfect picture of how the ride back down the mountain went.
1. Stephanie being caught mid-scream and being told "shhhhhh!!" 2. Me, happy because things quieted down, and Steph looks...shut down! HA! We had a great time...I am not so sure about the group behind us! They didn't know a group of friends were going to be behind them that hadn't seen each other in a long time!

We had worked up quite an appetite through all the excitement of Pike's Peak. What better place to visit than the incredible Cracker Barrel?! Our faaavorite! It never disappoints.

Part two of Wednesday's sight-seeing is coming next! We got to see old friends - Bro. Whit, Sis. Connie, Bro. and Sis. Meltsner, etc. It was like no time had passed! That's how it is with family. ;)



Stephanie Marchbanks said...

DYING LAUGHING!!! ...So much fun.

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