Thursday, September 1, 2016

Heritage - Arrival to CO Springs

Time to blog about Heritage! We left early Tuesday morning - very early. We were going to be meeting up with friends in Denver. Everyone was traveling and sending pictures of themselves in the car, checking in luggage, and in the airplane. Nicole wanted to add pictures to the stream as well. I extremely dislike taking selfies in public, especially in Mexico since the "white girls" already stick out like a sore thumb. Nicole says this is just my personal issue, and apparently it is since she feels no shame. 

The Cortez family reunion at the airport
"I feel like we're related!!" -Andrew

Good to be back with friends!
We stopped about halfway to Colorado Springs to eat lunch at Fazoli's.
Someone burned their hand on the hot lasagna and the shock caused them to spill their water all over the table.

After lunch, everyone got super sleepy.....

Worshiping to good music...."It's gonna be a white Christmas, into the new and out of the old. Though my sins were red as crimson now they're white as snow..."

What to do when you're bored - braid the person's hair in front of you
Tuesday night was the singspiration. 

Denae Abbott did wonderful, as usual. She has such a beautiful voice!

Bro. Johnson and Bro. Waldrep

The spur-of-the-moment choir

Me and Steph

This was the first day of a really fun trip! We so enjoy the times we get together with this group of friends. We had a great time! More to come.... Pray I get inspired! :)


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