Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wood Stoves and Other Warm Things

Here are some pics from when we left up until this past week.
We've been having lots of fun seeing old friends!
We were with the Garrett's Sunday morning and the Wilkins Sunday night.
We had a blast with Alyssa and Cara...those girls are wild! ;)
Monday we were in Los Angeles...we got to hang out with some Burbankers (and Panorama City-ers too...) Then we got to see the Whites :) They had their fireplace going when we walked in the door. It was so toasty warm...
Speaking of toasty warm...we got a woodstove to bring back to Mexico!!
Our house is sooo stinkin' cold right now, you can see your breath INSIDE the house!
So we are extremely excited about this. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Service in Puebla

Sunday the 12th was our last service in Mexico until January 2011. We had our Sunday school Christmas play. It turned out really nice! We had a full house and a beautiful service!
The youth class also sang a special then El Pastor preached. Afterwards we served bread and hot chocolate and had a good time fellowshipping.
Here are a few pictures...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Gift From Heaven

 Saturday a few of us girls went to the mall in Arizona...
Cassia got me the best Christmas gift!
She took me to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and told me to pick out whatever caramel apple I wanted! Aww!
So I picked the one with Butterfinger crumbs all over it.
It was soooo GOOD!

My first bite...Mmm...
It was the perfect welcome back to the U.S. food!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

El Paso, Texas

Today we traveled about 500 miles...Laredo to El Paso. I thought I was going to die, honestly. 
How much car can I take? Haha, I'm joshing. But I am extremely thankful to be out of the van. 
Fresh air really is lovely. So is the sturdy ground we walk on. 

A few funny things have been said so far on this road trip:

Nicole: "Did somebody spray perfume?"
Austin: "I just burped." 

I, Bethany Wakefield, am 20. My deepest inner struggle is not wanting to grow up and get "stuffy". 
While reading the Reader's Digest, I read a quote that just touched my corazon. 
"Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up."

Think about it. Haha!
That's why my favorite thing to do it the car is mess with the people that are trying to sleep. Especially Nicole because she can't ground me or whatever. 

Nicole: "Look out your own window."
Bethany (Me): "No, everything interesting is on your side."

(She finally got in the back and covered her face with a huge fuzzy blanket and slept the rest of the trip. Austin got in front with me and we partied all the way here...Punching each other and acting like retards).

Yesterday Austin asked me for the big ole road map so I passed it back to him. It was kinda heavy though and I (accidentally) dropped it. The corner of it hit him in the eyebrow. Ha! He cried and cried so I had to act like a dork and do stupid stuff for like an hour so he would dry it up. 

Austin was in the back seat playing with his little army men and talking to himself. (This is totally normal). 
We always listen to "clean" comedy on XM Radio...but sometimes it's not completely squeaky clean.
Which explains this:
Austin (talking to his toys): "Oh c***!! You got my finger!"
(C*** rhymes with rap...)

And the grand finale..........

Austin: "I remember the word 'prostitute' from when I was four. I wasn't allowed to use it back then, but I've reached a certain age where I can use it, but just not a lot. It's just another word for a girl criminal."

Guess Where We Are?!

We are in Laredo, Texas!!!
We're headed up to Northern California to see our Grandma and mom's parents. 
We'll spend our holidays there, then we'll get to see some of YOU guys :)
Today we're trying to get to El Paso...500 miles. Ugh. Oh how I abhor driving. Especially thru Texas. It's too big. But this'll all be worth it once we arrive over yonder. :) 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fundraising for the Trip ~ Puebla to Belize

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We are planning on taking a trip with our youth to an international youth camp in Belize. We're hoping that youth from Mexico and Central America will be able to go...and even from the U.S!! Our young people are so excited. Some of them have never been out of this is a BIG deal to them. And I'm pretty excited myself!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bolis and Random Useless Info

Javier, Nicole, and Bethany

We're eating bolis. Bolis is basically a popsicle in a baggy. They are SO good!
Nicole's favorite flavor is rompope (non-alcoholic of course :)

If you guys haven't looked at a calendar recently, we're in December now. 
Just to let you know. :-)
We're decorating the house right now. (Well, I'M not...I've moved on to more exciting blogging). It's looking good though...the house. 
As for this blog...I'm thinking it's totally gotten...
 Really when I look at it from a objective point of view, I'm thinking, "Umm...BLAH!" 
What's been going on lately has been totally awesome and FUN, but to ME, you gotta BE THERE to understand it's fabulous-ness. But what else do people blog about besides what they're up to?
I guess I could start a How To Series on here. You know, share ALL my expertise on here. 
Like how to say "bark" or "woof" in Spanish. (As in the noise a dog makes. It's "wow, wow"). 
Or "cock-a-doodle-doo" is "kee-kee-dee-kee". I know one day that this will become very useful information for someone. 
Oh, also I was talking to a friend the other day and she asked if "hahaha" in Spanish is "jajaja". It is! 
That's how you type a laugh in Spanish!
Also, if your dog starts howling, it means an evil spirit is passing over. I know this because a young lady in my church told me. :)) (I'm not sure what it means when a human howls...)
Alrighty. The end. 

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