Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess Where We Are?!

We are in Laredo, Texas!!!
We're headed up to Northern California to see our Grandma and mom's parents. 
We'll spend our holidays there, then we'll get to see some of YOU guys :)
Today we're trying to get to El Paso...500 miles. Ugh. Oh how I abhor driving. Especially thru Texas. It's too big. But this'll all be worth it once we arrive over yonder. :) 


Martha said...

Where in northern California are you going to be? My husband and I are going to be with my family in Napa for Christmas and we can't wait. It's sooo beautiful there!

Martha Cooke
Truth Tabernacle
Avondale, AZ

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

First we're going to make a stop in L.A. then we're going up to Yuba City...we'll also be in Anderson, Fortuna, Gridley, Marysville...and hopefully Antioch and San Fransisco :))
We'll have lots of fun!


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