Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wood Stoves and Other Warm Things

Here are some pics from when we left up until this past week.
We've been having lots of fun seeing old friends!
We were with the Garrett's Sunday morning and the Wilkins Sunday night.
We had a blast with Alyssa and Cara...those girls are wild! ;)
Monday we were in Los Angeles...we got to hang out with some Burbankers (and Panorama City-ers too...) Then we got to see the Whites :) They had their fireplace going when we walked in the door. It was so toasty warm...
Speaking of toasty warm...we got a woodstove to bring back to Mexico!!
Our house is sooo stinkin' cold right now, you can see your breath INSIDE the house!
So we are extremely excited about this. 


Cherie said...

I WILL SEE YOU IN TWO DAYS!!!!!! LESS than two days!!!! Can't wait to PARTY! ;))

Cara Denae said...

BAHAHAHA!!! Poor lady with the terrible light display!!! She thought we were a bit loco, I think;) Glad we got to meet you guys...we had tons of fun!! =)

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