Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank You, Jesus

I've been sitting here thinking, staring at this blank page for who knows how long.
I'm not the most eloquent person and I usually try not to get too personal on here, but I want to say this...
This past year has been so amazing. I mean really...that is the only word for it.
I've witnessed more people get the Holy Ghost than I have ever in my life. I've seen people repent of their sins and watch as God turned their lives around. I've seen God provide for my family's needs and the needs of our church. I've seen people grow closer to God that I thought would never "get with the program".
God has been so good.
This year I want to see more people get the Holy Ghost...more people come in and be saved from Hell. I want to see our church in Puebla grow. I want to see more churches planted. I want to see more young people dedicate their lives to God. And I want to do my part in seeing all this happen. To be a soul winner...I want God to use me. What could be more important? There is nothing like living for God. You will never have a regret about giving God your all.
This year could be difficult. Because of the drug wars going on, Mexico has gotten a bit dangerous. It seems like the only solution for Mexico is intervention from the U.S. But imagine the danger that puts the Americans in Mexico in? But doesn't matter. This is where God has put us. We will have to keep trusting God for protection. I'm going to be honest...this month some things have happened and I'm battling with fear. Honestly, I don't want to get kidnapped. I don't want anything to happen to my Grampa and my parents and Nicole and Austin.
I shouldn't be saying one is ever going to visit us again! ;)
However, God is in control. I know this.
I want my life to give glory to God. I want to really trust him. I want to be a testimony of His faithfulness. As I write this I'm listening to this song "Because of Who You Are".

"I give you all the praise, I pledge to you each moment...For the length of all my days my Rock and my Redeemer, my Savior and my strength...I will ever praise you..."

I love Jesus and owe Him my life. When I think of all He's done for me this year my eyes fill with tears and my heart squeezes. Thank you, Jesus for your goodness.
This has been past year has been awesome! May the year 2011 be even greater...
Happy New Year!!


lmwyatt said...

Happy New Year! We are praying for God's protection for you and your family! May God richly bless you in 2011! It was so nice having your extremely anointed and talented family in Fortuna!

The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...

Your right! I like my two feet on American soil! ;o) But just know that you have a church in Porterville praying for your families success and safety!

Lord Bless! And Happy New Year to your family!!

Sis. K.

Kendra Thaler said...

Even though I don't know all of our missionaries personally, I am ALWAYS praying for all of you!! I was just praying for Mexico this week. That God would cause all of the turmoil to bring a MIGHTY revival to the churches there! I believe God has His hand on all of His missionaries! God bless :)

<3 Kendra

Anonymous said...

God is Great! I am thankful His Spirit still moves. My prayers are with you and your family.

Bro. Leonard

Couture by Cassia said...

Awe you were listening to my favorite song:p :) i love you girl and i know that you are in the will of God. He has everything in his hands and you are going to be getting BIG crown in heaven for your sacrafice! You were born to serve the king and i thank God everyday for a friend like you who is dedicated to him!:) miss you! praying!

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