Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We are back in Puebla and the narcos didn't get us! (What a shocker, huh?!)
HOWEVER! We passed through San Antonio and our car got broken into by desperados. He/she/they got our GPS and MY PURSE!!! I had just gotten a new camera and it was in there...PLUS like...THREE packs of UNOPENED GUM!!!! (That they don't sell here!) They also stole my iPhone I'm stuck mooching off of everyone else. 
(Mine was like this and even has the little green dot in the corner!)

Here I was worried about getting kidnapped in Mexico. 
I keep looking for stuff and then I realize, "Oh, that was in my purse." :(
I did find one pack of gum in my computer bag AND my iPhone ear buds. I thought they had gotten those. Whew!
Nicole had bought me this fancy schmancy little notepad...that's gone. Our blog address is written down on one of the pages so if our robber is reading this....Hi, and can I have my gum back? 
Thank GOD I had brought my phone in the store with me. I would have just shot myself if they would've gotten my phone. 
They got my 2 new boxes of contacts, new prescription. Bummer, dude. 

Those punks also got this really cool mace my dad had just bought me that looked like lipstick. Lotta good that did. 

I had just bought Nicole's birthday present that morning. It was in my purse. Hahaha! This is starting to sound funny...sorta. LOL! 
Of course a million other things that girls carry in their purses...

Oh yeah. Haha. They got my wallet. So I had to cancel my ATM card. That was a pain. Since I didn't have my ID, the gal at the bank grilled me so bad for my info and made ME feel like the crook. THEN as we walked out she had the audacity to call out, "Have a nice day!!" Yeah, whatever, lady. (She was a little ditsy).

On the positive side of things:
My dad's sax was in the back. That's worth a couple thousand. Also my laptop and my mom's was right behind the driver's seat. They didn't get that. Austin's iTouch was on the little shelf thingy below the car stereo. It had a black case on it so it was camouflaged, I guess. Austin's DS was in the glove box. They didn't get that. I had bought some new curtains for my room. They were in a Target bag right next to my purse. 
Thank goodness they didn't get those. They REALLY missed out there!!

And since they got my camera, they also got half of our trip worth of pictures. So unfortunately I'm a little short on visuals. However! I do have some really cool pictures of my Grampa and Gramma Wakefield from when they pastored in Anderson, CA. WOAH you guys have to see these!! 
(Speaking of Anderson, when when we were at the Green's church, a button fell off my jacket and I poked it in my purse. So those losers also got my button!!)
My tail bone is aching (see previous post about the snow) so I've got to get up get moving now. 

Stay tuned for more interesting updates! I know everyone is dying to know what else those bozos stole out of my purse so I'll keep trying to remember. 
Toodles :p


Cyndi Kaye said...

That is very sad news but the good news is you all are safe! =)

My car was broke into several years back. It felt like the wind got knocked out of me. The bad thing was they stole all the bank bags from the church. The good news was I had just left the bank after dropping off the deposits. But according to the Burbank PD, the rats had followed me from the bank to the mall thinking I had a big stash of cash. [I was trying to save time and run in to get a baby shower gift since it was on my way back to the church.] =(

Again, glad you all made it back safely. Sis. Cynthia

Dacia Loa said...

Man! I would be so mad
if someone stole my purse ... I
mean, pretty much everything important
that I own is in there! Well, maybe someone
will feel bad for you and get you a camera!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Sis. Cynthia--I know that feeling! It's hard to explain unless you've been robbed before. My shoulders ached so bad for a while after it happened.
That is terrible what happened to you! I bet you are very watchful when you leave the bank now!

Dacia--Yeah they got the accumulation of my life for the past month (LOL) PLUS a really cute purse. HAahhaha! And yes! Someone DID feel bad for me and replace the dad!!! :)))


Anonymous said...

The only thing of value that had been stolen from me was my first Bible. It was at our anniversary service in '09. I believe it was accidentally taken. But this really nice person contacted me and arranged to return it. ;-)

Thanks Sis. Bethany.

Bro. Leonard

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