Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not So Sly

Nicole is working with little Eddy on his history lesson - it is called "My City". She told him to answer as many of the questions that he knew, and to leave blank the ones he didn't. They were going to research them together.
Eddy got a little ambitious and decided to fill in ALL the answers, even if he had no clue what he was talking about. Here are the questions, and his answers.

1. What is the name of your city? Puebla (Only CORRECT one on the entire page - lol!)

2. On what date was it founded? 1952 (RANDOM NUMBER HAHA)

3. What are the people like in your city? Good, very good, and sometimes bad. (Ahh, SO specific!)

4. What were the people of your city like years ago? Bad, they were very evil, they robbed. (HAHA)

5. What has changed? The people have changed. (....?)

6. What are the deepest ingrained customs and traditions? Eat, play, sleep, and play on bicycles. (Well, actually that is true....among kids!)

7. Are the customs and traditions good or bad? Why? My traditions are good, I don't do bad things. (EXCEPT guess on my homework HAHA)

Nicole asked him if he already knew the answer to #2 and he did the "deer in the headlights" look and shook his head no. least he got one right. :) 
Lil Eddy aka Lil Terk

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


For Austin's birthday we went and celebrated at Peter Piper's Pizza. It's kind of like Chuck E. Cheese. He had a lot of fun.

And of course, he got the deepest desire of his heart- Legos... That boy is addicted!

Little ol' me got to have my brithday at the house.
^Tradition called for a small cake and candles, but the real treat was the Homemade Vanilla Bluebell Icecream. Ice cream sent from heaven!^

With two of the men I love so much :)

Family time and present opening!

Spent a day at the lake!

^For dinner we went to a absolutely beautiful restaurant out in the country in a place called Atlixco.^

Go karting! The whole family went and we all had a blast!

We left the ice skating rink, feeling exhausted and bruised hahaha. It was a very fun and hilarious time.
(Left) We never knew dad could breakdance so well! LOL. (Right) Headed for a bad fall :)) I'm still recovering from this day... So many bruises hahaa.

And last but not least, I'll leave you all with this--
Our little cutie pie Miss Elisa.
She's getting chubbier every day! We love her so much.
^Look at that double chin! Ahhhh!! :)))^


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Austin, 12! Nicole, 21!

We had two major birthdays these past couple of weeks. Austin turned TWELVE on February 1st!!!!! And Nicole turned 21 yesterday, February 10th! WOAH!! These kids are growing up! Twelve is a big age, and of course, so is 21. Mile markers. 
Happy birthday to my two wonderful siblings!
This is the only picture I could find of Nicole and Austin together. Back a few summers ago when Austin looked like a little kid and Nicole had a tan. HA!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Conferencia - Fin de Año 2013

At the end of December we had our annual end of the year conference. This time is "especially special" because it is the time all the churches come together and we take communion on the very last service.
As usual, our car was packed full of people each day driving over to the services on the other side of town. Austin had to sit on my lap on one of the rides, and here we are.... 
I'm sure next year I'll be sitting on HIS lap - Austin is getting sooo tall!

Mama praying with her boy
We were so privileged to hear Bro. Loa and Dacia play and sing! 
My favorite pictures as of late!! Look at the sequence of Elissa's facial expression. She is just the most adorable little thing!

Lupita and Dacia came and I was so glad to see them!

We had children's church Sunday morning with puppets, games and lots of singing!

Bro. Loa was supposed to preach this night, but the Holy Ghost fell and we had a Holy Ghost shout down instead!

Sunday morning - last service

Joni got the Holy Ghost!

These girls were so sweet, two different times they brought me a flower they had picked. So cute! Made the inside of my purse smell nice :)

Joni (in green) with his very happy family!

Monse and Nicole

Me and Dacia

Sunday morning we arrived at place we had rented to have church in. Bro. Isai was there setting up the sound system. We had brought over my piano from church because that is the one I prefer to play. It is very heavy!! On the ride over, the screw in my piano stand jiggled out and we could not find it! Bro. Isai jerry-rigged it and thought he'd fixed it well enough to where it would hold my piano. We set it up and are testing the mics when all of a sudden......CRASH!!!!!!!!!!
The very heavy piano collapses at my feet! Isai was kneeling on the side of the platform and the end of it landed on his arm. By this time, a pretty large group had gathered for pre-service prayer. Talk about scaring the Spirit away!!!! Major mood-changer. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same, but mostly double over laughing. Yes, the piano survived, thank the Lord!
(This is why, in the pictures above, the piano is set on a very ghetto-looking wooden table!)

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