Thursday, June 30, 2011

Visit With the Marchbanks

After PCC, I went home with the Marchbanks. It was so nice to be able to spend a little time with them!
Here a some pictures of my visit...
Church on Sunday morning

Stephanie and Hailey, me and Cherie

At Denny's

This little girl is such a doll!

Downtown pretty!

I got my first caramel apple on Tuesday!! It was absolutely out of this world amazing!
Caramel, chocolate, and toffee...Mmmm...

Sis. Marchbanks bought us girls these little purse hooks...
Aren't they so cute?!

Cherie and me

I hadn't seen them in 6 months so I was missing them a lot! Now I'm back to missing them again, but we've made a lot of memories these past couple of weeks. I had such a good time! =)
I love you guys!


Ventura Beach

Me and Nicole at the beach in Ventura



Nathan with a crab he found beautiful! I love the beach. :)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Last Part of Camp

On our way home from camp on Saturday we stopped for pizza. These were supposed to go with the last post, but I forgot. So here they are. :)
I look like a really pale zombie in these pictures. We were all so tired!!

 Me and Cherie with the big fork at Topper's

Us girls

 It's almost the Fourth of July! I can't wait :) This will be my first Fourth of July (stateside) in about 4 years. 
I'm ready to see American fireworks!

Pacific Coast Apostolic Family Camp in Ventura, California 2011 (Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!) The Wakefield's Point of View. Amen.

Pacific Coast Camp was amazing!! Something even more amazing is that I didn't even pull out my camera until Wednesday night. Thank God for the Marchbanks! Between them, I think there are about 1,000 pictures. So I am "borrowing" theirs. 
Elder Russell Frazier preached the day services and Missionary Brad Lambeth preached the nights. 
Both were fabulous!! Also, the special singing was pretty good, if I don't mind saying so myself. Har har. 

Stephanie and Nicole in the girls' dorm

Mexican Day! I did not get a picture of everyone that was wearing green and red, but here are the few that we took.....
Andrew, Coco, and Andrew

Me, Destiny, and Steph


 Josh, Rachel (aren't they cute!?), me and Cherie

 Denae Abbott and the guys doing their thing

 PCC Choir

 Destiny and Steph

 In the cafeteria with the girls :)

The fellowship at mealtime was fabulous. What else is there to say? 
(Heh heh.....)

 Missionary Lambeth preaching Thursday night

Me and Cherie

Thursday night this man from Bell Gardens proposed to his girlfriend!! 
Again, I'm at a loss for words. :D

She did say yes :)

Denae serenading us with her ukelele!

Elder Frazier
Cassia, Destiny, Nicole, and Denae

OMW! Erin is THEE BEST counselor EVER!! If you are thinking of putting on a youth camp, you should  so totally HIRE her! She is FUNNY,  witty, hilarious, a good story teller, and funny too.
She also is really good at calling 911, but if you're *extra thick*, don't expect her to give you the Heimlich.
But besides that, she is so awesome!! My life is forever changed because of her.

Denae, Destiny, Sis. Howard, me, and Stephanie at the minister's banquet on Friday night :)

Angelo telling it like it is

The kids playing ball

 The girls

PCC Choir

 Danae, Aunt Debbie and Cherie

 Me and Cherie on Saturday morning, getting ready to head out!

Congrats to the Camper of the Year winners!!!! Woo hoo!

If you want to see more picture of PCC here are some links:

Alrighty. I'm so outta here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Food Was a Nice Invention

Last night we went out to the most fabulous restaurant ever!!!
The Gonzalez family (pastors in Boyle Heights, CA) took us there last year and we loved it. So we went again yesterday with them and WOW!! I've never had food that tasted so delicious. Actually, this past week I've eaten the best food of my life.
Sunday: The Corner Bakery. Chicken noodle soup in a sour dough bread bowl. Roll-my-eyes delicious.
Monday: Las Granadas. I got a Chimichanga. OMW! The best "Mexican" food I've ever had!
Tuesday: Outback. I shared the Outback special. I'm speechless about its goodness. The steak was so juicy and tender! With fresh green beans, ate like french fries. Mmmm!!

Thursday: A burger buffet place. They give you a plain burger and you go up to the burger buffet and put whatever you want on it. It was so fun and DELICIOUS, plus we got curly so good.

So anyways, back to this Thai place that we went to last night.
I have a lot of favorites, obviously, but this place is my #1 favorite!!
Have you ever tried to explain to someone what it's like taking off in an airplane?
Or what it felt like when you were filled with the Holy Ghost for the first time?
Well this is what I'm experiencing, trying to explain how amazingly delicious and tasty dinner was last night.
I just get this really happy feeling and I have no words.
Even in this picture, I look like I'm floating on clouds with these big shrimps.
(Shrimp. Shrimp. Shrimp....
...That's the weirdest word ever).

I have to give honor to Cesiah Gonzalez.
Last year at this restaurant, she introduced Nicole and I to boba. Oh, what a day it was!
We have never been the same since.
I don't know where we would be without Cesiah. Very sad girls, I'm sure!
Cesiah, me, Nicole.

Last year we were told that this was piranha. I found out last night though, it is pampano. Which I have never heard of, but let me tell you...It tastes like heaven with salt!
They even come with their heads attached like in Mexico so I felt right at home.
(I at a whole fish. It was amaaaaazing!)

 Cesiah, Nicole, and their Thai tea with boba

Chowing down!

So now I'm hungry?? 

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