Sunday, July 31, 2011


This post is inspired by Angelo's blog! The other day we were all standing around the computer and my dad was looking at his blog. When he got to the picture of Angelo's EPIC plank on the Superman S at Six Flags, my dad said, "What's that?" 
This was the beginning of a lot of laughs. 
Planking--laying face down on anything (the more creative, the better) with your arms to the side. Then have someone take a picture.

So we decided to go and try to get some creative "planks". Here they be!

El Pastor planking in the kitchen...

Nicole planking on the bird cage

...On our neighbor's wall...
(We were howling laughing during this one!!)

Planking in the middle of the street...

...on the gate...

....on the mop bucket...LOL...

In the cathedral....

...and at the shoe store!

Behind the Scenes:
Nicole climbed our gate and bent one of the curly-cues :D

"Just roll off!"


Click here to go to Angelo's blog to see some really FUNNY "planks"!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bible Quizzing

Today I went to my first Bible quizzing competition ever! Nicole is our church's Bible quizzing coach. Our kids compete against Elder Wakefield's church across town. They've been studying the book of Acts. 
Usually they compete at the University, but today they came over to our church. 
I got to be a judge!

Here we are:
Elder Wakefield was also a judge. Nicole and Hno. Mario are the team coaches.

A judge has to sit on each end of the table so we can watch closely and call out who hits the table first to answer a question.
(We need buzzers really bad! If you have some sitting around your church, we could definitely use them!)
 Monce is quick!

Abner is also known as the "star" of the teams :)

Hna. Hayde, the question-reader

Getting ready to SMACK the table!

The Judge :)

Visiting and eating lunch afterwards

Nicole has a little girl in her team that is really smart but sometimes gets confused. 
The other day they had a test and one question was, "What was the main event and conflict in Acts 15?
She answered, "They had a conference in Jerusalem and they all circumcised themselves."


Friday, July 22, 2011


There are so many stray dogs on the streets here in Mexico. They are everywhere! Scraggly, ugly, dirty dogs with no homes. That's why we have the "dog-catchers". 
These guys are the un-sung heroes of Mexico!
There is a truck with a big cage on the back of it. These guys ride hanging on the back of this cage. When they see a dog on the street, they all jump off and with jaw-dropping coordination and unity, they whip out their lassos and go in for the kill!
They surround the dog then swing their ropes 'round and 'round. 
I saw them chasing a dog the other day and right when the dog was about to escape around a corner, one of the guys threw his lasso and caught it by the foot!!
So how do they get the dogs into the cages? 
That's the part I don't like to watch!
They get the dog lassoed then drag it over to the cage. Then they swing the dog around and around in the air until they get enough momentum to throw it into the cage without having to get near it. 

It is a little sad to see the dogs trapped in there. 
They caught a gorgeous bassett hound the other day and it had its long nose pressed through a hole in the cage. It was pitiful! 
They caught our neighbors ugly poodle-beast-dog the other day. When I found out I was estatic. However, later on that day they went down and paid to have him set free. 
When I was little they caught our adopted street dog. We were so heartbroken, but my Grampa was touched with compassion and got her out for us. :))

Thee end.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011


We had the most awesome services this weekend!!
Here are some pictures!

Worship service on Saturday

Bro. Gonzales

Putting real effort into studying the Word of God...

Altar call...

Bro. Gutierrez's glasses :)

Youth class...

There was a good group of young people! 

Sis. Gonzales taught the ladies' class


El Pastor forgot his neck strap....bungee cords work just as good though :P

Bro. Gutierrez preaching

Cesiah sang, she has a beautiful voice!

Bro. and Sis. Gonzales

Fani getting the Holy Ghost!!

At Tacos Los Angeles

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Last night was the first service of our conference. It was absolutely amazing!!!! From the first song to the preaching to altar call...there was such a powerful move of God!

Bro. and Sis. Gutierrez
(We are so happy Sis. Gutierrez came this time!)

Mr. Handsome Austin

Hno. Isai leading songs

Fernando getting the Holy Ghost!!

The worship service...

Elder Wakefield

Younger Wakefield :)

Bro. Gutierrez preaching

Thank God for what He did last night! I am looking forward to what He has for us today. 
The Gonzales family just arrived in Puebla this morning and are eating breakfast with us right now. 
I'm so happy the whole family was able to come! 
Our people LOVE the Gutierrez's and the Gonzales family and we feel so privileged to have them here, ministering to our people in Puebla!

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