Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bible Quizzing

Today I went to my first Bible quizzing competition ever! Nicole is our church's Bible quizzing coach. Our kids compete against Elder Wakefield's church across town. They've been studying the book of Acts. 
Usually they compete at the University, but today they came over to our church. 
I got to be a judge!

Here we are:
Elder Wakefield was also a judge. Nicole and Hno. Mario are the team coaches.

A judge has to sit on each end of the table so we can watch closely and call out who hits the table first to answer a question.
(We need buzzers really bad! If you have some sitting around your church, we could definitely use them!)
 Monce is quick!

Abner is also known as the "star" of the teams :)

Hna. Hayde, the question-reader

Getting ready to SMACK the table!

The Judge :)

Visiting and eating lunch afterwards

Nicole has a little girl in her team that is really smart but sometimes gets confused. 
The other day they had a test and one question was, "What was the main event and conflict in Acts 15?
She answered, "They had a conference in Jerusalem and they all circumcised themselves."



Kathy McElhaney said...

I coached 5 junior quizzers (age 8-11). All girls. They wanted to know what circumcision meant. I said, (as any good father would say) "Ask your mother" ;)

If I had a buzzer system, I'd send it to you. Hitting the table doesn't seem very fun!

Destiny Hyler said...

Awe, that's awesome! I miss you girls!!! =)

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