Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zzzz Wars

I just want to say that I don't do the whole sleeping-on-the-plane thing.
Except for one time and Nicole took a picture. :-/)
And that is why I'm blogging at 1am. I have 4 more hours of self-entertaiment to go before we have to be awake. My goal is to stay awake all night so I basically force myself to sleep on the airplane and also during my FIVE HOUR LAYOVER in Dallas.

I went to Wal-Mart tonight and bought a bunch of snacks for my long day of travel that won't even fit in my carry-on.
(Did you know that I'm only bringing my side purse thingy as a carry-on?)

Let's see...any other earth-crumbling news?
**Hear the crickets chirping**
Oh yeah. I got Instagram.

This is a picture of a fish I ate a long time ago that was trying to eat my lettuce.

The point of this post was to say this:
I'm going back home tomorrow!!!!
Annnnnd the day after we get back is our summer conference!
I'm looking forward to posting lots of pictures of people getting the Holy Ghost and praying through in the next few days.

Adios, hasta la vista.

P.S. I ALWAYS mispell my name on my first try when I sign these posts. Always. 

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singingismything said...

Hay hAve fun in your Dallas layover!! I LOVED that airport! It's super HUGE & so much to look at & so much to eat!:D miss you already!!! Can't wait to see tons more pix of fiery revival in Puebla!:) love you!!

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