Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bethany Wakefield: Horse Whisperer

Yesterday we went over to the south-side church for music practice, and found a little surprise in the lot next to the university!
A present for me and Beth...
Just kidding :))
--Though it did cross my mind that maybe Grampa was finally fulfilling his 14 year old promise to get us girls a burro (a donkey)!!
Yes, Grampa, we're still waiting ;P Hahahaa.

Bethany has always been, and continues to be a lover of all animals... and they love her back...
She has yet to meet an animal that she has not won over with her charms ;P
So why were my dad and I surprised to see this, after about 5 minutes of Bethany "conversing" with this
wild stallion ?
Okay... wild stallion might be an exaggeration :))

While killing time waiting for the other musicians to show up, we discovered a few things...

#1. Horses like altoids!
....Unfortunately we were fresh out of sugar lumps...

#2. They also like Diet Pepsi... and playing tug-a-war with the bottle! :)))

Ew. Horse teeth.  He needed a toothbrush along with those mints! :))

Chuggin' down the Diet Pepsi ;)
^^The sacrificed pepsi was originally Bro. Dad's.^^
 I don't know why he didn't want to finish it off afterwards...
Who cares if there was horse spit and grass all over it?
...So high maintenance...


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1 Mama, 4 Baby Walnuts

Whew! Yesterday was an eventful day!
Mama Kitty gave birth to 4 babies!
A couple of months ago I began to suspect that she was pregnant because when I picked her up, I could feel little lumps in her belly... The next step to confirming my suspicion was of course, to google "How to tell if your cat is pregant"! Hahaha. And sure enough, I learned that you can feel little "walnut-like" lumps in the cat's belly if she is pregnant!
Of course, no one believed me because, sadly, I am usually wrong about any fact I state... And I'm coming to terms with that and try to stay quieter...
And I quote : 
Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man (woman, in this case :D) of understanding.
 Proverbs 17:28

So yeah, I'm learning.... :))))

BUT, yesterday I was justified in all of my suspicions....
There was no denying she was pregnant when she began to waddle down the hallway all scrunched up, while making these horrible meows. :D
Once we realized a birth was about to take place, Sis. Mom promptly banished Mama Kitty to the outside patio.

Beau was quite curious and began to obnoxiously bump the cat with his nose and to gnaw on her head. I'm not kidding-- he had her whole head in his mouth. :)) I think he knew what he was doing, because not long after, she began to have her first kitten...
Maybe we can call him Dr. Beau from now on haha.

The face of a cat in birth. LOL.

Between Beau and Bethany, this cat surely was in good hands :)))
Here's Dr. Bethany patiently coaching Mama:
Well, long story short, and withholding the graphic photos, Mama gave birth to Walnut #1.
This birth was accompanied with much yelling and jumping up and down, mostly by Dr. Bethany and I...
Okay, really, I think I was  the only one yelling and jumping up and down. Bethany was much more composed :))
But I couldn't help it!! ...it was crazy.

Mama and Walnut #1
 Ooo, it was so exciting ;P

While we waited for Walnuts #2-6, we sang songs and made scary faces in the flashlight... :)) ...and took pictures... It was just so fun. LOL.

Then Mama then had Walnut #2 and Walnut #3...
Baby Walnut #2, to our dismay, was stillborn.
Aaand... I'll just say nature had it's way...
(Mama Kitty ate it. Lol.)

Austin, who was the most excited of us all, at one point looked at me, eyes all lit up, and said:
"Hey!! You want some SNACKS??"

Up close and personal with Baby Walnut #3

 Baby Walnut #5!
Walnut #4 was born with a deformed foot, and on one of our breaks from watching Mama and babies, #4 went missing. We are assuming "nature" had it's way again. :P

And last but not least,
Baby Walnut #6!

After almost 4 hours, here they are, one big happy family :)

And before we went to bed, Austin said a prayer over his new kittens...
He started out saying thank you to God and asking, "God, please give my kittens a nice long life living with the Wakefield family... and God, let me get that new Hero Factory set... *snicker*... which I think I already am getting..."
Guaranteed, Austin's prayers are always unique and will make you laugh! 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Rekindling the Fire!

Last night, we had an amazing move of God.
Bro. Mario Garcia preached an anointed message, and God touched our people in a mighty way through him.
We had several people there that had not been coming to church for a long while that showed up and were able to hear from God and feel his presence again.

Bro. Mario preached about getting on fire again for God.
He compared the saints to carbon (coal). 
You're either going to be just cold and dirty, or glowing with heat, and on fire for God! 

We're praying that our people grab a hold of the message that was preached and do not forget it!

 It's been a while since we have seen these boys in church. It was so nice to see them in the altar again praying with all of their hearts.


We think the little girl that my dad is praying for may have gotten the Holy Ghost last night. 

This is one of our new converts, Isidro, seeking the Holy Ghost.

 Sis. Elvira and Sis. Rocio

After altar call came the time to run the candy table!

Daniela, Alejandra, little Nayeli, and their mom Adriana.

Tio Mario and Bro. Dad :)

I was running around taking pictures, and then I saw Judah!
 I wanted a picture with my little monkey, so I asked him if he wanted to take one... He said "Nooo!" I even bribed him with candy... But we are both pretty stubborn. I wanted the picture and he wanted out of it. Neither of us was giving in... *dun dun dunnnnn...*

I won!! I got my picture with him! HAHA.
He was screaming. And crying. And oh so very mad at me afterwards.

Hahahahaha I absolutely love this picture! It made my night.
He is such a brat. :) :) I love him!

He calmed down a while later and we were able to take a semi-nice picture ;)

 Then off to eat at the best hamburger stand ever.
Alex Burger!
"Los Jochos de Juarez"

Beth and Abner eating. Besties!

Our delicious food on the grill

And now-
The most amazing burger in all of Puebla.
If you're coming down on the missions trip, you have got to try one! You'll never be the same again.... The Habit, Five Guys, The Hook, Moe's.... none of those will even sound good after you try one of these! ;)

Thank God for an awesome service and for good friends and fellowship.
Keep Puebla in your prayers!


Friday, July 20, 2012

The Loa's 10th Anniversary

 Last week we went to the Loa's 10th anniversary celebration. We had an awesome service, there was an incredible move of God during and after the preaching! I was also so excited to be able to see Dacia!

The Loa girls singing

Elder Frazier from Fontana, CA preached and Bro. May translated. 

After the service, we all went for tacos, of course! The people had decorated and fixed all kinds of tasty foods and salsas for the celebration. 

Me and Dacia!

We had a good time "socializing"

Dacia and I 

 The humongous cake

Us with Pastor Trevino

Bro. Loa and Pastor Trevino


Pastor Trevino and Grampa

Before we rushed out the door, they started hanging us tons of slices of cake to take with us...
It was really good, it actually had cheese in it! 

Congratulations to the Loa family for 10 years ministering in the country of Mexico! 

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