Friday, July 6, 2012

Early Morning Table Duty

This morning we were rudely awakened at 7:15, 
(hey, don't judge-- we are still adjusting to Mexico time! LOL.) 
by the phone ringing, and Sis. Elvira asking us if we were still going to set up our table in front of the kindergarten school...
....we had forgotten our plans to be there at 7:30
So, we got ready as fast as we could and rushed down to the school--
It was not the best start to a morning, let me tell you... there were many cross words spoken between Bethany and I, and looking back, I'm surprised that we both made it to the school in one piece. Haha.

We got there and hurriedly set up the table... And then sat down and realized that we had almost 2 hours to wait until anyone showed up! Yay. We were overjoyed. :)))

One of us is a morning person, and one of us is.... not
I'll let you guys figure out which is which. ;P 

While we waited for the rush of graduates to come, I ran down to the corner to grab some breakfast for us!
Here is the our neighborhood tamale lady. She is super nice and always in a good mood!

Eating tamales!

Un tamal de dulce!

An aphid on Beth's cup
This is about the extent of bugs that we have to deal with here...thank goodness!


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Steven Orell said...

hello this is steven orell from ontario ca, pastor clarks church. i was looking up info on puebla mexico since im going to go in aguest with bro white and i found your blog! i think it is amazing what you guys doing there! i cant wait to go!

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