Thursday, July 5, 2012

PCC Pt. 2

Aaaaaaaand we're BACK!! Back home, in Mexico! We had a really nice time in California and are ready to blog about it! :))
Here are the rest of our Pacific Coast pictures...

A basket Cherie made for me full of my favorite things! 

 Sis. Trevino singing.....I've had this song on repeat since I got home! I LOVE IT!

Nicole and I at lunch

Practicing with Cherie

Kassia helping us out on the drums

Bro. Lambeth's "mobile pulpit"

The choir

Aunt Debbie and myself

Nicole, Kassia, me

Me, Alicia, Crystal, Nicole, and Britt

Jessica Lambeth and I
I got the chance to talk with her for a little bit during the basketball game. She is such a sweetheart!

Cherie and Nicole

Outside the dorm

Trying to look "debonaire" at the baseball game

Sis. McCoy made these beautiful cupcakes!!

This picture cracks me up!! There's Denae practically travailing and me and Cherie just cheezin' it up.

Nicole and Stephanie crossing their fingers that we'd be able to go to the minister's banquet. (It didn't happen):

The choir

Phillip DeAro singing for the choir!! He did sooo good!

Don't remember what was happening here...

Kassia and Kyra! The twins!

Nicole with her caramel apple

Angelo and Maggie!

Nicole, aka "Grandma" at 2am

The look on Joe's

Look at me, I'm a fireman!! :D

Saturday morning...time for goodbyes :(

The re-enactment of a funny altar moment

Eeeek! On the platform...all nerves!

Eating our caramel apples from Bro. Marvin

Bro. John John Lambeth

Bro. Kerr

And the drive home!

The beautiful beach

We had and AWESOME time at camp!!! This is something we look forward to every year. We have never come home disappointed!



Marvin C. C. said...

The Apples Were Good "Sister Bethany"
MY GOODNESS TB! HAHAHA MISS YOU GUYS! Glad You Both Made It Safe To Mexico.

Stephanie Marchbanks said...

This post seriously cracked me up!! lol =) p.s. Is the pact intact?!?! ;)

Cherie said...

We had SUCH a blast!! I looove all the pictures! You are hilarious and I can't quit laughing over that picture during prayer. SO FUNNY!!

Can't wait until next time! Love and miss you so much.

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