Friday, June 29, 2012

Days of Late!

Here are some more pictures from the past few days!
We are having a wonderful little vacation.

Olvera St. - Potato Tacos!
So delicious and spicy!

I love this street! My goodness, it's an exact copy of our Parian in Puebla!

Malibu - Zuma Beach

So relaxing and beautiful!
(Also painful! I got a horrible sunburn. My legs are burning and aching as I type.)

Sprawled out in the warm sun on the beach -- Bethany's dream come true :))

Me, sprawled out on the beach -- my worst nightmare. Just kidding hahaa ;P
The weather was perfect, and it felt so good drying off in the sun. I would have fallen asleep, if not for the almost-obnoxious conversation of the group of ladies next to us.
Honestly- How many colleges to apply to, what colleges your sons and daughters applied to, what sizes you wear.....
Come on people the beach is for sleeping, not for loud chit-chatting about topics no one wants to hear about! If I wanted to know all this info I'd google it! :))
*steps off soapbox*
^^I didn't even know I had a soapbox 'til I started this post! Hahaha :)))^^

This is me, about 10 minutes before we left.
I didn't realize until then that I was burning very badly. :(

The water was beautiful but freezing!

 Purple sea urchin!


Uh-oh! Look who's driving in L.A.!

And her favorite place to drive?
^^Tunnels :)))^^

 Absolutely worn out after the beach :)

Babysitting - Matt & Chantelle House
 Moose and Kona, the 2 cuties we are doggy-sitting.

Panera Bread Co. - Clam Chowder
Love their soups!

Just a few more days till we head back home! As much as I've loved my trip, I'm looking forward to my own bed, my own neighborhood, and my own church!



Kathy McElhaney said...

You know, they make this wonderful stuff. It's called "sunscreen." Perhaps you've heard of it?

It is SO easy to get burned at the beach. The weather is so mild, you think it's not hot enough for a sunburn.

Anali said...

You guys should come to San Francisco :D

Anonymous said...

Put some aloe vera on it honey!! Relieves the sting and removes the red!!

Kathy McElhaney said...

Well I didn't tell you bye last night! Didn't even talk to you. So glad you came and I DID get to chat a little. Love y'all!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Anali--I'd love to!!

Sis McElhaney--Yes, I'm glad we had our chat Sunday morning! Love you too!


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