Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pacific Coast Camp Pt 1

PCC 2012 was absolutely awesome. Missionary Lambeth spoke in the mornings and Evangelist Scott Kerr spoke in the evenings.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Thank you to all of the people that made it possible for us to come up for camp!
We love you!
Okay here we go with the pictures!
Just a few random pics from the week:

Missionary Lambeth.
He was a total crack up... Us girls especially loved when he talked about his wife... *sigh* Oh to find the love of our lives that will call us "the icing to his cupcake".

Lunch time!
Me and Stephanie

Cherie and Bethany

Eeek! 365 campers this year! That's a lot mouths to feed....

Just being ourselves... :)))

Missionary Lambeth and his "mobile pulpit"
So funny.

Ashlyn and Beth

Beth and Cherie!


Anonymous said...

Well.... You truly are the icing to my cupcake! I am not complete till I pipe you into my life! You would make my life SO much sweeter!

Ash said...

Oh Goodness... Pulleesseee take that picture with me in it off! I'll give you another one. I seriously look like I'm 5! PleeaaassseeeeeeE!!!!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

I liked the "love diabetes - too much sugar!" haha It was verryy good to see you two again!! Had a blast at camp, can't wait until next year.

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