Friday, June 1, 2012

Mmm, Heartburn in a Cup!

For a few weeks now, each time Beth and I have crossed town, I have been seeing these new carts (below) that  are advertising:
 "Ricas Rusas a solo 10 pesos!" 

I love trying weird new things so, on our way to the bus stop when I saw another one of these funny little carts, I had to stop! 
Now, to me, this drink sounded kinda suspicious... like as in it might be alcoholic... So, to make sure I made it to our bus in one piece, I asked what exactly a "Rusa" was. 
The guy started in on this long description of the drink but began his speech by saying
"This is a non-alcoholic drink... blah, blah, blah..."
^^I guess he gets that question a lot? LOL^^
I was sold once I heard those two words and must have zoned out a bit because I didn't exactly catch what else was in the drink! :))
 Well! Surprise, surprise Nicole! 
The actual drink is 3/4 mineral water, 1/4 grapefruit soda, a squirt of lime, a ton of chili powder, a squeeze of salsa, and a scoop of salt on top! WOW.

After much deliberation, 
(though come to think of it, it didn't take that much deliberation LOL)
the final ruling on these new "Rusas" is that they are quite un-palatable! :))

Now, where I may have gone wrong, is when the guy asked me if I wanted my drink "enchilado". (English translation: mega chili-fied!) HA! New word! :)))

Yeah... I probably won't be getting this again... 
Just imagine being parched and somebody hands you a freezing cold drink, and you take a huge gulp, and all you can taste is salty, lime-y spiciness
Kinda like spicy bubbly lemonade! *barf*
Anyways that's what happened to Bethany when she tasted it. HA! She looked like she was going to toss her cookies.
I was able to drink half of it without accident, though it did manage to give me horrible heartburn! :D

Goodness, just posting about this makes me get heartburn all over again! :))



Anonymous said...

Una pregunta..... Que esta escrito en tu mano? P90X???
jajajajaja. Tia.

Nicole Wakefield said...

Siiii hahaa :))) lo escribi para recordarme a bajar los discos!

lmwyatt said...

This looks like something my husband or bro. Johnny would like LOL...

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