Monday, June 11, 2012

Cuautla and the Phantom of the Collapsing Chairs

A week ago, a pastor in a neighboring city invited us to a special service he was having, so when Saturday afternoon rolled around, we all packed in the car and headed to Cuautla!

We ate cupcakes... 
This guy is definitely a favorite of mine to bake for! 
His face lit up when I pulled out the box of cupcakes! Haha :)) 
And as we drove on and on, we discussed how dangerous Cuautla was and how many bodies we would find.... Scintillating conversation, let me tell you. LOL.
 The discussion started with Abner asking, "You want to know how you'll know when we get to Cuautla?" When I asked how, he responded, "You won't see trees or anything-- just bodies." ...hmm... :))
Earlier in the day I had actually considered skipping out on this trip-- when I heard Abner's comment, I was really glad I came! Woot woot! :)) No more thoughts of boredom! I had my camera out and ready! :)))

Ohhh yeesss! We sure did find bodies--
First, we got a little lost, so we pulled over to the side of the road and called the pastor of the church we were going to. Tio Mario got out of the car to stretch his legs... A few minutes later he comes back to the car and is like "Hey guys there's a body on the side of the road down in the ravine!" Well, of course, we didn't believe him... Which is exactly why me and Abner jumped out of the car as fast as we could, camera in hand. HA! :)))
Well.... yeah... I guess you could say we found a body.... 
*crickets chirping*
 R.I.P. Barbie 

More bodies! Goodness gracious! :))

We finally arrived and all piled out of the car in high spirits, ready to have some good church!
Just as we were about to walk into the door of the house the service was being held in, we watched in horror as a lady sitting in one of the fold-up chairs fell! Her chair just collapsed right beneath her!!! 
Well, we continued bravely through the door, found some seats, and sat down veeeery carefully. 
We sat there for about 5 minutes more, and suddenly from behind us, we hear a desperate, strangled scream and a huge CRASH, all at once! 
We whipped around, just in time to see another poor lady scrambling up off the ground!  
Let me just tell you, that was the start of a very uncomfortable night. Me and Tia Hayde's backs were burning from sitting on the edges of our seats, all tense and ready to pop up out of our chairs, if by chance our seats should pull a fast one on us. None of us wanted to sit down. :)) Abner and I even made a deal to try and catch the other just before they hit the ground, if the ghost should attack.  
We can dream, right? LOL!
With every snap, crackle, and pop that my chair gave, I literally broke out in a cold sweat, wondering if I would be the next victim of the evil chair ghost...  
Thankfully, we made it through the service never having to try out the aforementioned, lightning-fast superhero moves, though there were many close calls that had me jerking forward, halfway up out of my seat, and looking like a dope. 
(You know when you fall asleep in your desk at school, and you have that dream that you're falling off of a mountain, and you wake yourself up with your head swinging around and you almost fall out of your seat? That is what I felt and looked like, for sure...)
--Wait, I'm the only one who that's happened to?? I'm so embarrassed! Hahahaaa--

Pastor Pablo reading the lectura.

Song service.

Elder Wakefield preaching! 
Acts 2:38!

The people filled up the altar when it came time to pray.

We're praying for great things to happen in Cuautla!

The house where the sevice was held was so beautiful. It was like a mini jungle- Plants everywhere!
Throughout the service, the smell of the flowers would drift through the place... Mmm.... 
I love outdoor services. :)

It's so beautiful to hear someone speaking in tongues.

Some of the women had prepared taquitos, so afterwards we all sat down to eat.

Oh my word, these taquitos were amazing. So delicious!

Me and my primo!
--Or, as my Grampa introduced him to the congregation,
"el companero" of his granddaughter. 
Thanks Gramps, now the whole congregation thinks he's my boyfriend! Haha!

We have fun :))

Have a good day everyone, and please, keep Cuautla in your prayers!



Jennifer Connell said...

Aw, I loved this! It's great how you guys make post mixed with humor, real life occurences, and your burden for Mexico. See ya soon!

allanatohonduras said...

AHAHAHAHAHa...the companero, eh? LOL Yeah I had something kind of like that happen was KIND OF awkward...but not really because he's a friend of mine. :D It WAS funny though! Hey, so when are ya'll gonna come see us in Honduras??

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