Friday, June 8, 2012

Los Ahuehuetes...Again!!

 Yesterday we went BACK to Los Ahuehuetes...this time with the Garcia family. We had even MORE fun!! I didn't take that many pictures--I was too busy swimming--but here are a few! 
The clarity of the water always surprises me!

 Swimming in the 15 ft end!!

Woo hoo!! Sitting on a fallen tree in the water...

 An alien in the water!


One more chance to hold Abner like a baby :)

Food!!! Wow, so tasty!! 

Grilling corn

The pool was being cleaned so all the water that would normally flow into it was flowing into these side gutter things. Abner got the WONDERFUL idea to use it as a slide!!!! 

 This is the only picture I got though b/c once I slid down it, I didn't pick the camera up again! It was sooooo fun!! The gutter has moss growing all at the bottom so it is super slippery. The water pushes you and you race down-hill until you come gushing out the waterfall end, into the pond and the end. 
I can't wait to go back! I've never breathed in so much water in my life or gotten so scraped up, but every bit of pain was worth it! :))


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