Monday, June 4, 2012

Koi Sushi & Cupcake Heaven

Today the grandparents and I went out on the town! We had been eying this new sushi place that advertized being the first in Puebla to offer "autoservicio de sushi en banda"-- self serve conveyor belt sushi! My dad and I had tried a place like this in Oregon and it was amazing, so I was super excited to try this place out!

Love my sweet grandparents! They are the best! :)

 Gramma with her sushi...

My plate... 
Oh my word. I love sushi. :))
^^^Watch out for the wasabi though...^^^
 Goes straight to your brain :))
--Ohhh yeessss, makes me remember the time my gpa thought my container of wasabi was guacamole, and thought he eat a spoonful... Ahhhh I wish I had pics of that! Bahaha!--

Here's the neat little conveyor belt that goes starts in the kitchen and works its way all around the restaurant... You just grab what looks good!

Up close and personal with the leetle fishies


 We then walked up Avenida Juarez in search of dessert (Lemon cream pie, to be exact.), and a cupcake supply shop that my Gramma had discovered the other day.
Well, we didn't find any lemon cream pie...  
Where were you Sis. Marie Callender when we needed you?? LOL
But hey, we did find the cupcake store!

Yep, I think I died and went to heaven in this store. ;)
They had every conceivable cupcake/cake accessory imaginable!

So much cupcake clutter! <3

 Gotta love the mirrors that psych you out, making you think there's a whole other room full of cake decorating awesomeness :))

 Adorable coffee cup! So cute.

And my totally awesome buy of the day.......
......Drum roooollllllll!!!
 A rose tip!! 
For making buttercream roses!! 
...Okay, I know, this may not sound like much to most of you-- but for me this is monumental.
I have never been able to find this in Puebla... Until now!  
SCORE!!! :)))

Don't you just love happy endings?! ;)



Jennifer Connell said...

Yay for buttercream roses! ;) I used to work at a place and part of my job was cake decorating. Such FUN! I miss it!

Anonymous said...

Awwww... so happy for you!!! I haven't got around to using mine yet but it sounds like fun! :)
Love ya

Seth Murphy said...

Sushi is so good! I had it my first time a few months ago. The folks who introduced me(my "loving" parents) somehow FORGOT to tell me that wasabi was really spicy. I learned just how spicy it was...Really quickly. lol But I'm hooked now!
Don't even get me started on cupcakes.... :p
Its a weakness... lol (Oh The Lord will never put more on me than I can bear...):p
Looks like you're having lots of fun down there!!

~Seth Murphy

- Lindsy Weidner - said...

Ooohhh, I'd LOVE that cupcake store! How exciting about the cake tip. Good luck with the roses, they can be tricky at first! ;-)

Cyndi Kaye said...

When I come out for a visit will you make me some cupcakes and decorate them with roses? ; )

Nicole Wakefield said...

Sis. Cynthia- Oh absolutely! I love any excuse to bake and decorate! ;P
So is it just you coming down or is Rachel coming as well?? :)

Cyndi Kaye said...

Maybe it's a surprise = )

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Sushi Train! We have those in Taiwan and love to go there. As for the cupcake store, if they ever open one like that in Taiwan, I will be in there for hours just trying to decide what to buy...

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