Saturday, June 2, 2012

What a Day!!

 Last night our assistant pastor's wife called me and asked if we would like to go on Saturday to Los Ahuehuetes. We have been talking about it for the past month, trying to plan a day to go because I'd never been! I said that YES OF COURSE we would love to go! So verrrrrry early the next morning they came and picked us up and we headed out! 

Popo, our volcano

 On the way to Los Ahuehuetes, we stopped at a few places to pick up breakfast.

 Buying hand-made tortillas

We bought meat here

 After buying all the necessary foods, we got back on the road.

The drive...

The entrance to Los Ahuehuetes

This place is a fresh-water spring!! "Los Ahuehuetes" means "old trees where water flows". 

The water was so amazingly clear! 

This spot was about 16 feet deep!!!

This is one spot where the water is "born" (at least that is how it is said in Spanish!)

As soon as we arrived, we got busy making breakfast. Bro Baltazar started the fire...

...Sis. Elvira washed the veggies and sliced them up...

...I tried to look like I knew what I was doing and put the meat on to cook...

...then I sat down to watch. 

A horse across the ravine

 Making some delicious food!

We had beef tacos with longaniza, avocado, and chiles. 

Nicole's tiny banana

Preparing my taco

What a tasty taco!!

We then went to put our feet in the waterfall...

 ...then we got into a huge water fight and got completely soaked...

 Nicole running for her life

Running, running

I went to sit in the falls...

...but suddenly it got kind of stopped up.

 This was so relaxing!

The water from the springs flows into the pool and then out the falls.

Sis. Elvira getting in

After playing in the pool for a while, we went over to swim in the springs!

 After we left the lake, we headed into town to go to the market and see what kinds of yummy or weird treats they had.

We got ciruelas, which are kind of like cherries, but not as good (haha). But I do like them a lot!! 

We got the idea to role all our windows hair is still in knots as I write this. 

The market

Delicious looking bread!

The candy aisle

Fruit drinks (of course I got horchata!)

Nicole and her strawberry drink in a bag

As you might know, Mexico has a ton of fruit that we have never seen in the US. I should do a post on them one day! It is very interesting.
Today in the market we found Nanches!! I tried this fruit for the first time about a month ago and immediately was addicted. There is no other fruit to compare its taste with. It's about half the size of a cherry with a pretty big seed in the middle, and yellow. 
 It is very very delicious! I wanted mine to last so I put them in the blender with water and made popsicles!

After walking around the market and trying/buying different foods, we got in the car to head home. 
Since we were in a different area of Puebla, there were people everywhere selling all kinds of wonderful foods that we cannot get here in the city. 
One of foods is grilled corn. They grill the corn while it is still in the husk till it is almost all black. Then they unwrap in and put mayo, cheese, and chile powder on it. 

I'm telling you all...I have not tasted something so good in a good while. I can't even explain how yummy it was!! 

Chowing down!

The drive home...corn everywhere! 

Corn, corn, corn

The last thing we bought was Tepache. This is drink made out of fermented pineapple. Nicole loves it, but I can't handle it. It is a bit gross! If you are ever in the market down here and see a huge pile of pineapple skins on the ground...this is what Tepache is made of!
What a wonderful and adventure day we had! We enjoyed it so very very much! 


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Sheila said...

Hello, found your blog on Apostolic Bloggers blog list. So glad I did. Your grandpa and grandma seem like such wonderful people and what a great work they have in the mission field at Pueblo. I just had to comment on this post and your grilled corn you experienced. I was raised in corn country in Illinois US so I know first hand how awesome grilled corn is. It's one of my favorite summer/fall treats, but I don't think I have ever tried it with mayo, cheese and chili powder on it. Sounds delish. I am going to have to try it. God bless and have a fantastic day!

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