Sunday, June 10, 2012

Too Many Dogs!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's outreach. Goodness, I'm sure I've never seen so many dogs in one day! I'm sure we saw more dogs than people.
(Hence, the title!) 
Haha :)

This poor dog wanted attention so badly. :))

His brothers and him weren't to sure about getting close to me...

It took a few minutes, but they sure did warm up... And maybe a little too much :))
This is about the extent of the danger down here in Puebla-- a puppy gnawing off your foot. LOL.

Mr. Cool

Sis. Wakefield talking to a sweet little lady.

We were having a nice talk with another lady...

...when suddenly her little son runs up, yelling "It's for you!!! It's for you!!", and hands her a phone! A wireless phone with a little antenna thing! It looked soooo out of place. :))) Definitely something out of the ordinary, especially in the middle of all the shacks!

It's amazing the conditions that some of these people live in.

Well, well, another perro, hanging out in the shade.

Don't you all feel blessed? :P

King of the mountain :))

When we get done with outreach, we meet up at the neighborhood store. 
I treated myself to my monthly soda. 
^^I love grape medicine-tasting stuff hahaa^^

In front of the tienda, waiting for el Pastor!

Here's another friend that I made :))
At first, he wasn't too sure about coming close...

Key words: "at first" hahaha.

Aaand, here we are on our way back to our houses.
We were totally crammed in the car. Okay, not totally crammed, I guess-- there were only 12 of us in my grandparent's 7-seater-- We have fit 20-something people in before!
So we were just a little crammed this time. ;P


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