Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mother of all Markets!

Yesterday morning, bright and early, I met Tio Mario and Tia Hayde at their house so that we could go to Central de Abastos. Now, I don't usually care to go to markets, but I'd heard legends of the amazing deals on mountains and mountains of fruit and veggies! :))) I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it with you all! ;P

We stood right here for about an hour in the freezing cold, watching bus after bus pass by, packed full... and by packed full, I mean with two or three people hanging out the front and back doors.
Turns out we should've been at the bus stop at 6am-- not 7am. (Oh silly us what were we thinking?? Ha.)
The traffic was absolutely horrible. The crazies wouldn't even slow down at the topes so that we could cross the street!

We finally gave up (after an hour haha) and made our way to a different bus stop.
On the way over, we came across this dog. She was totally cracking me and Tia Hayde up!! The dog was trying to "protect" her territory by barking at us, but had a bolillo (bread) in her mouth and would not drop it for nothing! All that she could do was a muffled bark. :))

Waitin' at the second bus stop!
Love my Tia :)
She always makes me laugh :)))

And here we are!
The whole "market" is comprised of several huge warehouses. Everyone has their own little puestos where they sell their goods.

Mmm! Piñas for my green smoothies :D
 (As I type, I have the piña rinds soaking in water... Eeek!! <333 I'm making tepache!!!)

See?? Told you there were mountains of fruit!
 ^^Even in the background you can see watermelons covering the walls!!^^

My word, this place was hopping! There's so much noise; talking, yelling, people offering you what they're selling... Then there's all the whistling! (not catcalls :)) --More like warning whistles-- as in, "get out of my way before I run you over with my dolly" LOL. There were thousands of guys running here and there whistling and pushing their dollies full of fruits and vegetables, making crowds of people part like the Red Sea.

Somewhere along the way Tio Mario got my camera. He likes taking pictures :))
Finally, someone to take over my job! :D

 Mmmm! Mangos!

 And here comes one of those crazy dolly guys...

Nopales! I had a brief love affair with these when I was 5... all I can say now is gross.
(Whew! There's a message in that!! HAHA)
^ Cactus ^

"Bolsas por todos lados"
Such a good helper :))  

Carrots, carrots

This girl was selling flowers
:) I love carnations. Prettiest flower God made.

 Naranjas galore

 Waitin' for the bus that would take us home...

On the way home we were serenaded by this lovely fellow who could play his little drum, but could not sing :))


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Anali V. said...

Nopales con chorizo YUM!! LOL

I'm not a fan of the meat section of a market... Worst smell of my LIFE

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