Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1 Mama, 4 Baby Walnuts

Whew! Yesterday was an eventful day!
Mama Kitty gave birth to 4 babies!
A couple of months ago I began to suspect that she was pregnant because when I picked her up, I could feel little lumps in her belly... The next step to confirming my suspicion was of course, to google "How to tell if your cat is pregant"! Hahaha. And sure enough, I learned that you can feel little "walnut-like" lumps in the cat's belly if she is pregnant!
Of course, no one believed me because, sadly, I am usually wrong about any fact I state... And I'm coming to terms with that and try to stay quieter...
And I quote : 
Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man (woman, in this case :D) of understanding.
 Proverbs 17:28

So yeah, I'm learning.... :))))

BUT, yesterday I was justified in all of my suspicions....
There was no denying she was pregnant when she began to waddle down the hallway all scrunched up, while making these horrible meows. :D
Once we realized a birth was about to take place, Sis. Mom promptly banished Mama Kitty to the outside patio.

Beau was quite curious and began to obnoxiously bump the cat with his nose and to gnaw on her head. I'm not kidding-- he had her whole head in his mouth. :)) I think he knew what he was doing, because not long after, she began to have her first kitten...
Maybe we can call him Dr. Beau from now on haha.

The face of a cat in birth. LOL.

Between Beau and Bethany, this cat surely was in good hands :)))
Here's Dr. Bethany patiently coaching Mama:
Well, long story short, and withholding the graphic photos, Mama gave birth to Walnut #1.
This birth was accompanied with much yelling and jumping up and down, mostly by Dr. Bethany and I...
Okay, really, I think I was  the only one yelling and jumping up and down. Bethany was much more composed :))
But I couldn't help it!! ...it was crazy.

Mama and Walnut #1
 Ooo, it was so exciting ;P

While we waited for Walnuts #2-6, we sang songs and made scary faces in the flashlight... :)) ...and took pictures... It was just so fun. LOL.

Then Mama then had Walnut #2 and Walnut #3...
Baby Walnut #2, to our dismay, was stillborn.
Aaand... I'll just say nature had it's way...
(Mama Kitty ate it. Lol.)

Austin, who was the most excited of us all, at one point looked at me, eyes all lit up, and said:
"Hey!! You want some SNACKS??"

Up close and personal with Baby Walnut #3

 Baby Walnut #5!
Walnut #4 was born with a deformed foot, and on one of our breaks from watching Mama and babies, #4 went missing. We are assuming "nature" had it's way again. :P

And last but not least,
Baby Walnut #6!

After almost 4 hours, here they are, one big happy family :)

And before we went to bed, Austin said a prayer over his new kittens...
He started out saying thank you to God and asking, "God, please give my kittens a nice long life living with the Wakefield family... and God, let me get that new Hero Factory set... *snicker*... which I think I already am getting..."
Guaranteed, Austin's prayers are always unique and will make you laugh! 



Kendra Thaler said...

awww kittys!! Austin is so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Ay que bonitos gatos!! pero creo que necesitan esterizarla, o va a tener bebes cada seis meses??? jajaj
Quiero uno, lastima que soy alergica.

Kathy McElhaney said...

This entire post made me LOL!! Love the cat in labor picture - she looks like she's ready to kill someone. "You think this is easy?"

Sarah said...

Love this! I love kitties:) Our cat had her kittens in the grass catcher receptacle thing of our riding lawn mower.

amygardner said...

"Awww," and then, "ewww," and then, "awwww," and then "ewwww," and then, "ick," and then "sooo precious," and then, well, this has been an emotional roller coaster of a post! lol. And once again, my young, just-turned-7-years-old daughter wants to go live with The Wakefields so that she can take care of the little bitty walnut kitties. lol.
(Maybe I should visit ya'll too, I could use some cake decorating tips. :)
Next time you're in Glendale, AZ, stay long enough to school me in all things frosting.)

Cyndi Kaye said...

So cute. I remember assisting a friend's cat deliver her kittens. The cat was so clueless and wouldn't sit still - she was just wandering around the house crying as a kitten was on its way out.

Anyway, tonight we fly out of LAX and will arrive in Puebla tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see you all, your church and all the people I've seen on your blog. =)

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