Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mole (Pronounced Mol-ay)

Friday afternoon of Pacific Coast Camp, Sis. Bellew was SO kind and let us use their trailer to make dinner! I had brought mole for my friend Cherie to be able to try, so we decided to make it so everyone could taste it! I was actually very skeptical that anyone would like just because of the way it looked...


Me and Sis. Bellew

Me and Cherie

When it was all cooked and ready, we went and started pulling people out of the dinner line and the cafeteria so they could try some REAL Mexican food.
We got a good group over and Nicole started servin' it up!

How to eat Mexican food:
1. Put away the silverware!
2. Fold your tortilla in half twice then rip that triangle in half to where you have 4 triangles.
3. With one triangle in hand you'll hold down the piece of chicken. With your other hand you'll tear off a piece of chicken with the tortilla.
4. Now you have a bit size taco in your hand...dip this in the mole sauce then eat it!

Doesn't it look so appetizing? :D

Serving up more mole!

Bad news, getting ready for church pre-mole dinner...

Stephanie, Angelo, Nicole, Michael, Andrew, Cherie, ME, and Coco!

The wind was blowing like crazy and took off with one of our plates. It flew into the parking lot where we could not go get it. Someone said, "Whoever finds that plate is gonna wonder WHAT in the world happened!" Bahaha! (Smeared with gross brown stuff....eww!)

Woot, woot! Somebody was excited...

Walking back after dinner

Love this girl!!!
So that was our mole dinner! It was FUN and everyone said they liked it. Stephanie got home and tried it again though and decided that'd she'd only been hungry at camp. LOL.


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Stephanie said...

Augggghhhh that pic of me is horrible with my nostrils all flared lol and Cherie wasn't supposed to tell you that I was only starving haha

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