Friday, July 20, 2012

The Loa's 10th Anniversary

 Last week we went to the Loa's 10th anniversary celebration. We had an awesome service, there was an incredible move of God during and after the preaching! I was also so excited to be able to see Dacia!

The Loa girls singing

Elder Frazier from Fontana, CA preached and Bro. May translated. 

After the service, we all went for tacos, of course! The people had decorated and fixed all kinds of tasty foods and salsas for the celebration. 

Me and Dacia!

We had a good time "socializing"

Dacia and I 

 The humongous cake

Us with Pastor Trevino

Bro. Loa and Pastor Trevino


Pastor Trevino and Grampa

Before we rushed out the door, they started hanging us tons of slices of cake to take with us...
It was really good, it actually had cheese in it! 

Congratulations to the Loa family for 10 years ministering in the country of Mexico! 


Anali V said...

I want to visit you guys!!!!

Anali V said...

and my respects to all of you missionaries!!!!

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