Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bethany Wakefield: Horse Whisperer

Yesterday we went over to the south-side church for music practice, and found a little surprise in the lot next to the university!
A present for me and Beth...
Just kidding :))
--Though it did cross my mind that maybe Grampa was finally fulfilling his 14 year old promise to get us girls a burro (a donkey)!!
Yes, Grampa, we're still waiting ;P Hahahaa.

Bethany has always been, and continues to be a lover of all animals... and they love her back...
She has yet to meet an animal that she has not won over with her charms ;P
So why were my dad and I surprised to see this, after about 5 minutes of Bethany "conversing" with this
wild stallion ?
Okay... wild stallion might be an exaggeration :))

While killing time waiting for the other musicians to show up, we discovered a few things...

#1. Horses like altoids!
....Unfortunately we were fresh out of sugar lumps...

#2. They also like Diet Pepsi... and playing tug-a-war with the bottle! :)))

Ew. Horse teeth.  He needed a toothbrush along with those mints! :))

Chuggin' down the Diet Pepsi ;)
^^The sacrificed pepsi was originally Bro. Dad's.^^
 I don't know why he didn't want to finish it off afterwards...
Who cares if there was horse spit and grass all over it?
...So high maintenance...


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Anali said...

Lol this is so cool!

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