Friday, January 28, 2011

Fortuna With the Marchbanks

We spent the week after Christmas with the Marchbanks....We had So. Much. Fun!
Stephanie, Cherie, and me (Bethany) stayed up until 4, 5, 6 every night...
(Nicole didn't because she was "too tired"...Ha!)
We had delicious homemade food everyday, Chai tea sweetened with brown sugar, and snow in the middle of the night! We got to experience what it is like to live in hippie land. Very interesting! 
I'm so happy we got to visit the Marchbanks; we love and appreciate them and their church so much!

Here they be ;)

Austin displaying his cat-carrying abilities. 


...and Justin playing guns. 

Austin and Stephanie

Bro. Marchbanks doing magic tricks. 

Dad doing his magic tricks...

Cherie and I doing something really important, I am sure. 

Shopping... :)) 
(I think we are hugging the plus sizes? Lol!)

The Marchbanks and the church in Fortuna treated us so special and were so generous.

Us girls


We are still eating from these baskets!

Dad preaching...

Aww...this was fun! 
Cramming into Sis. Marchbanks' little car. :)

Stephanie and Geneva. 
This lady came running across the aisle and randomly said "Hey! You ever heard of Louisiana?!" She told us she was from New Orleans and raised four kids there. Back in New Orleans they do all kinds of "weird" stuff like speak French (and she did a demonstration for us--HA!). Stephanie asked if she could have her picture taken with her and she agreed. She then asked to see it. When she saw it, she let out a wordy dirty and shouted, "I've got too much lipstick on!" She pulled out a tissue and did a jig while wiping her lips. 
Needless to say, that was a fun little shopping trip. ;)

Bro. Marchbanks...

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico
Haha :))

Hahahhaah!! Nicole looks a little out of place...."where am I?"

Awww....I can't wait to see you guys again!!! We had so much fun spending time together...Thank you for your generosity and hospitality. Hopefully we'll get to see you all again soon!
**Special thanks to Cherie for helping my poor Alzheimer's brain extract all these memories.**


Cherie said...

We had soooooooo much fun with you guys!!!!! Wish you all could've stayed was WAY too short of a trip!!! And I miss your back massages Bethany!! Ha! ;)

I love and miss you all so very much!! Hope to see ya soon.. <3

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that you guys are STILL eating out of those baskets!! :P

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