Thursday, December 16, 2010

El Paso, Texas

Today we traveled about 500 miles...Laredo to El Paso. I thought I was going to die, honestly. 
How much car can I take? Haha, I'm joshing. But I am extremely thankful to be out of the van. 
Fresh air really is lovely. So is the sturdy ground we walk on. 

A few funny things have been said so far on this road trip:

Nicole: "Did somebody spray perfume?"
Austin: "I just burped." 

I, Bethany Wakefield, am 20. My deepest inner struggle is not wanting to grow up and get "stuffy". 
While reading the Reader's Digest, I read a quote that just touched my corazon. 
"Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up."

Think about it. Haha!
That's why my favorite thing to do it the car is mess with the people that are trying to sleep. Especially Nicole because she can't ground me or whatever. 

Nicole: "Look out your own window."
Bethany (Me): "No, everything interesting is on your side."

(She finally got in the back and covered her face with a huge fuzzy blanket and slept the rest of the trip. Austin got in front with me and we partied all the way here...Punching each other and acting like retards).

Yesterday Austin asked me for the big ole road map so I passed it back to him. It was kinda heavy though and I (accidentally) dropped it. The corner of it hit him in the eyebrow. Ha! He cried and cried so I had to act like a dork and do stupid stuff for like an hour so he would dry it up. 

Austin was in the back seat playing with his little army men and talking to himself. (This is totally normal). 
We always listen to "clean" comedy on XM Radio...but sometimes it's not completely squeaky clean.
Which explains this:
Austin (talking to his toys): "Oh c***!! You got my finger!"
(C*** rhymes with rap...)

And the grand finale..........

Austin: "I remember the word 'prostitute' from when I was four. I wasn't allowed to use it back then, but I've reached a certain age where I can use it, but just not a lot. It's just another word for a girl criminal."


Anonymous said...

Hahaha this is comedy Itself haha keep on posting and hope to see u guys soon have an AWESOME drive haha... And I agree on not wanting to grow up haha

Couture by Cassia said...

Hahaha aren't road trips just the BEST?!:p just kidding!!! That stretch is really looooong n boring! U are lucky to have Austin keep you company!:) miss u!

R E N Z O i m a g e s said...

hahaha! funny stuff. perfume.haha! Austin is so funny. Hope to see ya'll again someday. It was nice meeting ya'll. Take Care and God Bless!

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