Friday, December 3, 2010

Bolis and Random Useless Info

Javier, Nicole, and Bethany

We're eating bolis. Bolis is basically a popsicle in a baggy. They are SO good!
Nicole's favorite flavor is rompope (non-alcoholic of course :)

If you guys haven't looked at a calendar recently, we're in December now. 
Just to let you know. :-)
We're decorating the house right now. (Well, I'M not...I've moved on to more exciting blogging). It's looking good though...the house. 
As for this blog...I'm thinking it's totally gotten...
 Really when I look at it from a objective point of view, I'm thinking, "Umm...BLAH!" 
What's been going on lately has been totally awesome and FUN, but to ME, you gotta BE THERE to understand it's fabulous-ness. But what else do people blog about besides what they're up to?
I guess I could start a How To Series on here. You know, share ALL my expertise on here. 
Like how to say "bark" or "woof" in Spanish. (As in the noise a dog makes. It's "wow, wow"). 
Or "cock-a-doodle-doo" is "kee-kee-dee-kee". I know one day that this will become very useful information for someone. 
Oh, also I was talking to a friend the other day and she asked if "hahaha" in Spanish is "jajaja". It is! 
That's how you type a laugh in Spanish!
Also, if your dog starts howling, it means an evil spirit is passing over. I know this because a young lady in my church told me. :)) (I'm not sure what it means when a human howls...)
Alrighty. The end. 


Kathy McElhaney said...

I can verify that jajajaja = hahahaha in Spanish. I got an email from a lady in our church and that is what she typed! I didn't understand at first. But she included a recipe that had "jam" in it. Later it said, dice the "ham."

Very useful information indeed!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Wow, I knew someone would appreciate that little tidbit! Ha! ;)


Allana Schreckhise said...

LOL...I can totally relate! I have heard all of the above. In fact I heard of a time when some people were having service in their when their dog began to howl. The minister/preacher that was there, left his preaching, and began to rebuke the evil spirit. P.S. I don't believe he was a pentecotal preacher! :D Love ya'll girls. Hope that ya'll get to come see us some time!

Couture by Cassia said...

jejeejejeje i remember the first time i had went to mex (well it had been since i was 3) and every1 kept iming me "jeje" n i was like? typo? an then the next time i went back i asked a girl n she started laughing and i said what? and she said(in spanish of course and me responfing in my broken up spanish) thats what it meant and i was like huh?? and she started laughing again....we finally got it cleared up tht she wasnt laughing at me but telling me that "jeje" meant she was laughing LOL oh the life of a kid on the missions field learning the language...i feel for you;)

Angelo said...

Jojojo! jejeje! jajaja! This article jad me kee-kee-dee-kee-ing like a rooster!

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