Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Next Fundraising Campaign

Greetings Fellow Laborers in Christ!

We bring some of this:
Regarding the Wakefield families in Mexico. 
We have not been kidnapped! Neither have we been abused or harmed by anyone. We are very happy about that! We have not been robbed (recently). We have not been hung from any bridges. 
Based upon this information, we have designed a new plan for missionary support for those laboring in Mexico. 
Our supporters have not been asked to help with ransom demands or hospital expenses, or replacement of stolen goods. We take comfort in knowing that you would be there for us if something unfortunate were to happen to any of the missionaries in Mexico.
But what if one of us were kidnapped? What if a ransom were demanded?
How much would you give? How much could you give if our lives depended on it? 

Wouldn't it be sad for Jesus to come and those who knew the need of the mission fields to have spare money in their pockets? 
Take that amount that you COULD give and just cut it in half. 

Send it through the usual channels this week. All your information will be kept:

 Why spend money on ransoms when we could be building churches and reaching the lost?

The Wakefields in Mexico. And probably all other missionaries down here. :p

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