Thursday, August 16, 2012

Missions Trip: Day #6

Day six of the missions trip was the saddest day of all!! That was the day everyone left. I bawled my eyes out! Fortunately for all of you, these are the only pictures we have! Brittany woke up feeling sick so like a good lil mama, I cradled her in her arms all the way to airport. A good snuggle is the cure to almost anything! (A good way, also, to pass the illness I have learned :)

Brittany has got the "sick look" down pat!

Thank you to...
 Elder White, Sis. Debbie White, Pastor PJ White, Sis. Clark, Thomas, Ryan, Steven, Pedro, Ron, Sis. Cynthia, Rachel, Brittany, Noah, Sofia, Briana, Candace, Gary, Nancy, Jacob, Jasmine, Bobby, Leslie, Karoline, Meagan, Lilly, Emily, Andrew, and Sis. Camacho
...for making the sacrifice to come down to Mexico! You all were a huge blessing and we absolutely had the best time! Thank you for praying with the people, being willing to get out of your comfort zones and be a little crazy, for singing, preaching, and for showing the love of God to our people. We love you all!


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